The Mr. Hash Paloma!



This Friday’s drink might very well be my favorite of the summer because it’s so incredibly easy to make and you can’t taste a bit of the tequila. I’m noticing that I like my alcoholic beverages to taste as little like alcohol as possible.

The Mr. Hash Paloma was introduced to me by Francesca’s husband when I visited for our weekend trip to Blogher. He won his way into my heart and now the bar has been set for any other of my friend’s husbands:

(video here)

Mr. Hash Paloma Ingredients:

  • Squirt
  • Tequila
  • Lime
  • Mint

Mix with ice and enjoy!

I wish it was a little longer because now that giant title seems a little anticlimactic, but that’s really all you do. So have a great weekend!

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