Things I Am An Expert At


1. Tracking down animals in my neighborhood that need me to rescue them.

2. Telling children what to do.

3. Eating my weight in pumpkin pie.

4. Putting things off.

5. Spending money.

And as it turns out I’m also an expert at being an expert. I’m excited to see my articles featured as part of the SheKnows Expert Among Us . This is what I am an Expert in for them this week:

13 People having a worse holiday than you (in GIFs)

Get what you give: Why I pay it forward during the holidays

8 Ways to entertain your kids without TV

And in the spirit of giving, I had the opportunity to share my very special reason for giving this holiday season with SheKnows and The Salvation Army. Check out the video and share your #redkettlereason!

I hope I can write an article about eating my weight in pumpkin pie next. That seems like an organic fit for me.

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