Party Like It’s Yo Birthday

Maile celebrated her fourth birthday with the fam Saturday and I’m pretty sure she’s the most spoiled four year old on the planet. Last night she went to bed with her brand new Barbie slippers, a star wand, and a purse. Laina on the other hand, snagged a couple cars from Maile’s Polly Pocket race car track (thank you Grandma) and slept quite peacefully with them. It’s amazing to see the differences in my girls through things as simple as what they choose to take to bed with them.

This morning Maile informed me she needed more toys and, in fact, does NOT like the clothes she recieved, as they are indeed not toys. Spoken like a true spoiled brat. :) And oh I remember the days…

Monday she’ll celebrate with daycare friends and I’m preparing myself for a house filled with 12 screaming children and more “I’m too spoiled to appreciate anything, but boy I’m sure cute to look at” comments.

Working on her cake into the wee hours of the night.

She’d been waiting for this moment for WEEKS!!!! Look at her relish it.

SO many presents!! And couldn’t be happier! Thanks for the Dora chair Aunty Lolo!

I can’t tell you how many times she saw this Polly Pocket race car track in commercials and said “I want THAT for my birthday!” Thanks Grandma!!

Kainoa was loving Grandma. He’s so sweet.