Ok I promise this is the last of the birthing saga…at least for a couple months until Kainoa turns one. This is a little poem I wrote up for Laina:

The contractions steady.
My nerves ready.
I turned to Dad, It’s time.

I felt you turning.
My heart was yearning.
We’d get you out somehow.

The ride was bumpy.
I was grumpy.
You were ready for the world.

The nurse was a bother.
Worse was your father.
I wanted drugs and quick.

I pushed and I hurried.
The doctor looked worried.
You wouldn’t budge.

One more go she said.
Then it’s surgery instead,
And baby girl I’m telling you I tried.

The room went white
I held on tight.
The chaos was so scary.

I tried to be strong
But something felt wrong,
They calmed Mama down with drugs.

You finally came out
We passed you about.
A bruise on your head from the pushing.

Too tired to see,
They kept an eye on me
My vitals were alarming.

White coats all around.
Confusion to be found.
Gasping. For. Breath.

Emergency mode.
Back to surgery we rode.
I signed away future children.

IV’s, morphine, blood transfusions
The problem was fixed after much confusion
But the pain was still too much.

Hours passed
My condition would last
The ICU was a night of terror.

The pain was great,
I couldn’t remember your face
I wanted my baby with me.

Reunited at last
I felt better fast
With my little girl at my side.

A difficult birth
But for all of it you’re worth
I’d do it again in a minute

My light. My sweet face.
My little Laina Grace.
God’s gift to me and I’m thankful.

Happy Birthday baby girl!