My Dad

Walking into a room with you by my side
I felt like the luckiest girl alive.

Life followed you and things were fine.
I felt proud to call you mine.

Tickling and joking, chasing and laughing,
Music blaring, hugging and dancing.

In just seven short years you impressed upon me,
A lifetime of values and moral beliefs.

Treat others fairly with kindness and grace.
Follow God, He’ll show you the ways.

Be the friend you’d want to keep.
Love hard, love strong, love true and deep.

Listen to your mother she knows things you don’t.
Take the high road when others won’t.

Stay loyal to your siblings they’ll always be there.
You must forgive, be patient and care.

Always laugh, life’s full of fun.
It twists and turns, just roll along.

Big blue eyes and six foot three,
I looked up to you, but you slipped from me.

Pulled the carpet out from under my feet
Took years to gain perspective and see.

Life may have had other plans than I wanted it too,
And I’ve spent 22 years missing you…

But lucky for me you taught me enough
To not give in when things got tough.

Through tragedy beauty created.
More dads, my husband, and children waited.

The blessing is you, your life gave mine.
The cycle continues, and your name will shine.

Six grown kids and eight grandkids later
Your contribution to us could not be greater.

Life follows you and things are fine.
I feel proud to call you mine.

Walking into a room with you by my side,
I was the luckiest girl alive…


  1. says

    This is such a beautiful tribute to your father. I know he would be proud of everything you’ve done with your writing and website, and I don’t even know you that well! I actually just got into poetry myself, posting my very first creation for this week on my website. It doesn’t follow a rhyme form…mostly just cohesive thoughts, but it’s a start…AND…it’s addicting!

    Would you mind if I mentioned your blog in an upcoming #FF post?

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    I lost my mom 5 years ago. I can only imagine how much you miss your dad. What a beautiful tribute to your father. So respectful and sincere. Thank you for sharing something so vulnerable.
    Here is my poem I wrote on the airplane going home after my mother’s funeral and such in 2006:
    When I’m Ready
    By Dionne K. Adkison

    (Written after the passing of my grandmother and then a month later the passing of my mother during the 2006 year.)

    I wasn’t ready—
    For second news
    Yet, in the Moment —I had to believe it true.

    Another month, another loss
    An undesirable exhaust.

    This breath of grieving air
    Repeated twice—not a chance to repair.

    All that is lost-needs revealing
    Time to chew—Digest this rotten feeling.

    And in the deep ache—
    The scales of pain
    Slow, slowly—
    Shed a watery blur.

    I’m not ready—
    For the final place to heal
    But when I’m ready—
    I WILL.

    Peace and blessings to you Kat!