Dear Ellen

I think you all should know I’ve contacted Ellen Degenres. About a month ago I was talking to my brother-in-law Handyman and as usual he was making fun of my blog. He likes to give me a hard time about anything me…and I like to return the favor. We are always picking on each other…in a friendly manner of course.

Me: Blogging is fun…some people even get famous and make money off their blog!!

Handyman: So you’re gonna be famous???

Me: Well….no…but I’ve read some of the famous ones and sometimes they’re not even ALL THAT.

Handyman: How do you GET famous blogging that’s just ridiculous.

Me: NO idea. I guess through advertisements or something….

Handyman: Why do you have to have ads? Why don’t you just email Ellen. Go straight to the source.

Me: Hahaha…that would be funny.

Handyman: Do it. Who cares, just see what happens.

Me: You know she doesn’t even read her email…but I’m totally gonna do it. Maybe I’ll address it to her email reader. She probably has someone working for her specifically as an email reader.

So I wrote Ellen a letter and naturally she has not responded. I mean duh. But I figure I should just start sending her letters. One after another like once a month. Kind of like how Dooce has a monthly newsletter to her daughter…I’ll have a monthly newsletter to Ellen. Even if she never responds I’ll still get a kick out of the fact that I’m just writing to Ellen once a month to fill her in on the happenings of my life. If anything I might develop a great relationship with the Email Reader and you know she’s probably funny if she works for Ellen. I assume the Email Reader is a girl NOT because Ellen is gay, but because most men can’t read.

Anywho…here’s my first letter:

Dear Ellen,
My name is Kathy and I blog. I run a home daycare, take care of lots of babies, and I’m a closet blogger. Lots of people have blogs, there’s a great community of women out there networking and helping each other, but outsiders don’t really get it.

Help me out of the closet Ellen.

Come check me out.

All I ask is five minutes of reading. Five minutes of reading and a free ticket to your show. Ok, five minutes of reading and a free plane ticket to be ON your show. Ok, 30 minutes of reading, a free plane ticket to be ON your show and hotel accommodations…complimentary continental breakfast would be a bonus, but SO not necessary.

Let’s do this.



If I ever get on the show I’ll take you all with me. It’ll be fun.


  1. says

    I was lucky enough to get tickets to her show TWICE. LOVE her and totally think you need to be on her show.

    Of course, you may already have been and I have no idea because I’m starting out with letter number one.

  2. says

    I’d love to see you on Ellen’s show – if you don’t have any luck, would you consider another chat show?

    Let us readers know if you ever have any luck getting on TV.