GI Joes And Bugs In Jars

I Didn’t want a boy
I wanted sisters and pink dresses
Estrogen and contained messes.
I didn’t want a boy.

I wanted barbies and baby dolls
Make-up and shopping malls
I didn’t want a boy.

I wanted nail polish and long hair,
Ribbons and teddy bears.
I didn’t want a boy.

I wanted hearts and butterflies
Care Bears and Rainbow Brite.
I didn’t want a boy.

I wanted roses and daffodils
Hula skirts and ballet frills.
I didn’t want a boy.

I was pregnant and had no clue
People asked, but all I knew
Was I didn’t want a boy.

Filled with joy the day you came
You emerged, I’ll never be the same.
Who would have known I needed my boy?
I got dinosaurs and race cars
GI Joes and bugs in jars.
God knew I needed my boy.

I got pirates and sword fights
Wrestling and food riots.
God knew I needed my boy.

I got fire engines and choo choo trains
Legos and grass stains.
God knew I needed my boy.

I got footballs and baseball mits
Aliens and spaceships.
God knew I needed my boy.

I got waterguns and slip and slides
Airplanes and pony rides.
God knew I needed my boy.

More than I knew I needed.
Hopes were heard but never heeded.
Thank God for my little boy!

A lot of my writing is inspired by music. I’m not a musician, but I think maybe I was in a past life, if I believed in past lives. Sometimes just a line or verse can spur an entire poem or story that I didn’t know was trapped inside me somewhere. This song inspired the poem you just read and it’s on Kainoa’s baby cd I made for him. I dedicate this video to my boy:

Happy First Birthday Kainoa!!


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    I know it’s kinda lame to post on old posts, but I like to read peoples archives! Anyways, I wanted to say I LOVED this! I didn’t want a boy either! In fact I was PISSED when I found out I was having a boy (well that could have been the intense morning sickness that wouldn’t let up in my second trimester so I was bent that it was a girl!). Now we’re on boy number two and I wouldn’t have it any other way :)!

    Note to God: Dude, if you’re reading this, next one better be a girl. MMMKAY?!? :)