Dear Ellen (letter 2)

Dear Ellen,

Ahem. I’m not sure you remember me…I wrote about a month ago and encouraged you to spend some time reading my blog??? You know. I may have missed your response, but I wanted to follow up by saying I love you. I mean…not like THAT, I’m married…what I mean is your show is really great and I love IT, and since it’s called the “Ellen Degenres” show I guess that means I love you…but not like that. I’m married.

ANYWHOO, I was just wondering if maybe we should start trying to figure out a good time for me to be on the show. I run a daycare in my home and I’ll need at least two weeks notice so that my parents will be able to find alternative care…unless, perhaps you could supply some extra tickets and I could just take the kids on a little field trip. Either way is fine with me. If you choose the latter could you also supply me with a bottle of vodka?

I’m thinking the first week in October works well with my schedule…I may be able to pencil you in on that Thursday the 2nd?? How does that work for you? I was also thinking…if it’s not too much trouble of course…that maybe you could have the cast of Grey’s Anatomy on the same show. Being on your show will be great and meeting them would kill two birds with one stone for me, so that would be cool…not killing birds per se, but both being on your show and meeting the cast. Let’s make this work.

Looking forward to the big day!!!

Mama Kat


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    hahahahahahaha omg I am crying laughing!! This is GREAT!! I am bookmarking your page. I have to come back and read the rest of these after work. lol you are awesome.

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    Oh goodness… you are so making me laugh! You are soooo… awesome! I have yet to watch the episode.. It’s still loading..

    Oh gosh you’re just fantastic… so hilarious! I love your wit and courage!