Meet The Fam: Lolo

I started the “Meet The Fam” series awhile ago and to be honest it’s been really hard! How do you wrap someone’s personality up in one blog post?? Impossible. Each one of my sisters and brothers have TONS of things I could write about. I have mountains of memories to draw from. And the hard part is that they READ The Blog…so I risk hurting feelings if I mention things they may be sensitive about. Let us proceed with the knowledge that what is written is simply what strikes me at the moment and that it is just a sliver of their personalities.

A big sliver.

Carry on.

Lolo is actually my sister’s real nickname. My mom thought it would be cute if we had affectionate little names to go by after Bianca had her daughter and she quickly dubbed my sister Lolo by using the first two letters of her middle name. Aunty Lolo was born.

I on the other hand, was not given a nickname using the first two letters of my middle name, but rather, my nickname was coined with the first two letters of my first name. Aunty Kaka. Awesome. She gets to be cute Lolo and I’m Aunty Poop. Just freaking awesome. But the names totally stuck and everyone call me Aunty Kaka. It grew on me.


Lolo is two years older than me. Growing up we looked the most alike out of any paired grouping of my siblings. People often asked us if we were twins and aunts and uncles were always getting us confused.

The difference is, and there is one, and it’s huge…it’s that Lolo is light and I am dark. Lolo laughed and played and I wrote about the sun burning people to death. Lolo was social and outgoing and I was withdrawn and introverted. Lolo had a large group of friends while mine was small and manageable.

Even though I often felt like a less appealing version of my sister it was impossible to not love her. She understood me and when no one else could hear my sarcastic remarks about the hummingbirds Grandma had pasted above her dining room window, Lolo would be giggling. She knew I was just misunderstood and she protected me. Still as adults I find myself hiding behind her smile in social situations.

Growing up with so many kids you kind of learn how to work things to your advantage to get what you want. We were all manipulative to an extent. Somehow Lolo managed to be manipulative in the nicest way possible. I would work the paper route with her for no pay and beg her to share one of her gloves with me as I froze. She would bat her big blue eyes at me, sigh, and then feign weakness as she’d struggle to get one off.

“Never mind” I’d say “I’ll just stick my hand in my pocket.”

Lolo was always the sweet, fragile one. She rarely got caught getting into any trouble. During one babysitting episode she burned a bag of popcorn in the microwave. The house reeked of smoke. When my Mom came home she was extremely angry. I think it was just a little unnerving to come home to your kids attempting to burn your house down.

Anyway, Mom gathered the four of us together, looked directly at me and said:

“KATHY! Do not EVER attempt to make popcorn in the microwave like that again. If you want popcorn you ask LOLO!! DO. YOU. UNDERSTAND. ME!?!?!?”

I just blinked and when I realized Lolo was not going to step in and own the popcorn I did what any loving sister would do. I said “oh. umm ok. I’m sorry?” when I wanted to say “HEY! Newsflash MOM! I don’t even LIKE popcorn!!!”

But that’s Lolo for you. To meet her is to love her. She sticks up for the underdogs and wins the school’s vote for Homecoming Queen all in one fell swoop. She’s that pretty/popular girl in high school that everyone wants to hate, but she’s one of the most humble people I know. Go figure. So no one hates her which makes her just plain pretty and popular and altogether wonderful. I know! You hate her now don’t you!?!

She’s an asset to the family because she laughs at the funny people and funny people wouldn’t be funny if they didn’t have someone laughing for them. Every once in awhile she knocks you off your feet with her own witty contribution and then she’ll remind you that she said something funny, lest you failed to pick up on it.

I realize I’m making Lolo out to be syrupy sweet…and while she is…she definitely has a “side” that’s not pretty. You don’t want to be on the receiving end of that side. It starts with a nose flare. When the nose flares you must realize Lolo is not happy and do whatever it takes to reverse the flare. Then she turns into some kind of lawyer, spewing facts and stored up information to back the flare while you stutter to compose yourself before realizing she’s absolutely right.

Some poor old chap at Kinkos was the victim of the flare once when Lolo arrived to pick up a calendar they were putting together for her.

It wasn’t laminated.

Lolo: It’s not laminated.

Kinko: You didn’t say you wanted it laminated.

Lolo: I get these calendars made every year…every year they are laminated.

Kinko: You didn’t say you wanted it laminated.

Lolo: I paid 25 bucks for a calendar, I expect that it will be laminated.

Kinko: You didn’t say you wanted it laminated.

Nose. Flare.

Lolo: When I go to Burger King and order a Whopper do I need to specify that I expect to see tomatoes and lettuce on my Whopper? Or can I assume my Whopper will come complete with tomatoes and lettuce. I PAID for tomatoes and lettuce. When I come here and order a calendar for 25 dollars I’m expecting tomatoes and lettuce!! I WANT my tomatoes and lettuce!!

She got her tomatoes and lettuce. The nose flare will get you tomatoes and lettuce.

Today Lolo is married to her high school sweetheart, and they have a three year old daughter and a six month old son. I have coined them the Faith Hill and Tim McGraw of our family.

Lolo and Fam

Her husband has been in the family for years and is like a real life brother to me. We have very similar personalities and are constantly trying to “get” the other. He usually wins. This dynamic duo balances each other perfectly. They’re the family you go to visit and then don’t want to leave. Their home is pure entertainment and while I’d love to balance things by adding that they really aren’t as great as they seem…I can’t…because they really are as great as they seem.

Sick isn’t it!?! The best I can do is leave you with this awesome memento of Lolo in the fourth grade. She loves it when I do that.

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  1. says

    Oh, I’m so glad I didn’t quit reading before I finally made my way to Lola. She sounds like a wonderful person. It’s okay to be nice and say nice things about your sister, really. I enjoyed reading about Lola and love that she is both pretty and likable. Your post makes me want to visit her and handyman!

    You are so dark though, you were doing so well until you had to post that 4th grade picture of her. Mean, mean, mean. LOL!

  2. says

    I love the love that your family shares. It makes me want to be one of you, or at the very least live near enough to befriend you!

    I have two sisters myself, but the relationship is not good.

    Now as the mother of 3 daughters, I want more than anything to develop a deep love for one another in my children, so they don’t end up with what I have.