Dear Ellen (letter 6)

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Criminy Ellen. Do you realize I forgot to send you a letter in December?? I promised I’d write one every month and then I got caught up in the cookies and snow and Christmas decor and I plum forgot to write. I’ll bet you thought I was mad at you. I’m so sorry and even though we’re midway through January, I’m going to make it up to you by writing TWO letters this month.

There are a lot of things that make me uncomfortable, you being upset with me for not writing regularly is one.

I’m so sorry.

On another note, I hear you’re the new face of Covergirl!! Ellen this is awesome. I’ve been writing them for YEARS encouraging them to make you a Covergirl and FINALLY they listened.

What is even more awesome is that this adds ANOTHER thing we have in common to my long and growing list because, while I might not wear Covergirl, per se, I do watch America’s Next Top Model and Covergirl sponsors that show!

There you are wearing Covergirl and telling people they should too…and here I am watching America’s Next Top Model. The commonalities between us are staggering!

1.) We both voted against Proposition 8…you in LA and me in my heart, since I don’t live in CA.
2.) We both enjoy dancing…just not with each other because we haven’t met yet.
3.) We both think your roomate is hot, but not like THAT from my end.
4.) We both love children in a very NON abusive way.
5.) Neither of us is a cutter.
6.) We both love animals, me more to just to look at on tv.
7.) And now this Covergirl thing!!!

Speaking of LA I think a fun idea when I’m on your show would be you trying to convince me to wear Covergirl. You could apply my make up while interviewing me about blogging. Here’s a possible script:

Ellen: I’m just amazed at the mass of growing bloggers out there.

Me: It’s astounding really…I like to consider myself a pioneer blogger.

Ellen: Really!?! Were you blogging in the beginning before it got so popular?

Me: No.

Ellen: Oh….did you help pave the way for other up and coming bloggers.

Me: No.

Ellen: Oh…were you one of the first to really start making money and providing for your family with that income?

Me: No.

And from there we could talk a little more about the make up and how I look and I’ll be really shy like “really?? You like it??” and your audience will go crazy, maybe someone could shout “GORGEOUS!!”…I don’t know, that’s just off the top of my head. I don’t like things to be too scripted. I’m more of an “improv” gal myself. I mean come on, this isn’t The Hills right!?! Ahahahahaha hahahahahaha.

I look forward to hearing back from you Ellen. The month of February is pretty wide open for me. And by “wide open” I mean I could come stay with you for the entire month while you try to work me into the show…I could clean your mansion?

Talk to you soon!!!