Four Years Ago Today I Was Waking Up In The ICU

Actually I hadn’t slept at all, so to say I was “waking up” would be a stretch. Turns out giving birth did not make my list of easy things I do. Long story short, Laina gave her ol’ mom here a real rough go of it.

Honey It's Time

I guess you could say it’s two fold. She was born with a gigantic bruise across her head thanks to me and my desperate pushing. I ended up having an emergency c-section that did not go quite as planned.

I spent the night in the ICU by myself while Pat took care of our little baby in another wing of the hospital. To say that this was the worse night of my life would be an understatement. Words cannot describe. Every bone in my body was throbbing in pain. I could not sleep. I could not think. I could not focus on anything other than the pain. I could barely scoot my hand across the bed to push a button for a nurse on a remote control that I seemed to lose often. I couldn’t remember my baby and I didn’t know what was wrong with me.

But! As alone and terrified and hurt as I felt that night, I would repeat it a thousand times over for the blessing I received as a result.

New Baby
Turning one:

Turning One

Turning two:

Turning Two

Turning three:

Turning Three

Turning four:
LePoppyDesign did an awesome job on her birthday theme. Two of Laina’s things are the color purple and dogs (yes. still.), and LePoppy did an awesome job coming up with a theme based on that.

Laina came down with a fever the night before her party, but rallied the next day. Her fever was gone, I gave her some motrin just to be safe…but she was doing great!

Kiss And Make Up
She wasn’t happy about wearing birthday hats with me, but she was doing great! Until…
Happy To Be Four
five hours later. When the motrin wore off.
Turning Four

How many kids do you suppose we infected this time?? Fingers crossed that my nieces and nephews and their parents didn’t pick anything up over here.
Happy Birthday Lollypop!
If you want to read exactly what happened I wrote all about it last year in part one, two, and three of my tramatic birth experience series. Part three is my favorite entry…especially the part about the nurse and her tacos. I love it when I can laugh at my own jokes…which is pretty much everyday.