Dear Ellen (letter 9)

This. Is. FUN!!

I love having a penpal. Absolutely love it. Nobody believes me when I tell them that I. Mama Kat. Am Ellen’s penpal. Sometimes I don’t believe MYSELF!!

It reminds me of that time in third grade when my best friend Jenny moved to Arizona. We spent the entire year writing to each other and making plans to see each other again. Everyday I’d run to meet the mail carrier at the mailbox with anticipation of a letter from my sweet Jenny.

Me and Jenny2.

Unfortunately as we grew older our letters became sparse. Jenny and I made new friends and drifted apart. I missed those letters for so long.

But now look!! All these years later and here I am…a grown semi-sober woman, mother of three extremely needy children, wife to a Hawaiian fire dancer, and owner of a small home daycare business…here I am…with a penpal AGAIN!!!

Me and Ellen.

When I describe our relationship to people they brim with excitement for me! Imagine! They’re own Mama Kat in cahoots with a celebrity. I’ve noticed they’re faces fall slightly when they learn you haven’t “actually” written me back per se. As if they’ve never heard of such a thing. As if they’ve never had a lasting friendship with a tv talk show host who rarely writes back…or ever.

I patiently explain to those people that you being a “pal” and me “penning” you, clearly makes you my penpal. Only it’s not “penning” exactly and could probably be more accurately described as “virtual pals” or “email pals” or something a little more 21st century. This is the 21st century…right?

Anywho, when you actually do write back Ellen it will be unreal!

I will fly out to finally meet you, the three of us will grab a bite (Portia too!), we will be giggly from all the wine and fun stories shared, we will be amazed that it took us SOOO long to finally get together, and then we will spend a day trying to tape your show with a straight face!!

What a riot!

I’ll be talkin’ to you soon Ellen!!

Much love,

Mama Kat


  1. LENA BELLON says

    Dear Ellen,You are one of the most Loving person,I did E-Mail you,But I don’t think you rec’d it.I have a story that would I think should be told.I had 8 childrenall born by my23rd Birthday.My youth was pretty terrible.Raped at 3yrs.Ellen if I can I will tryto come out there and hopefully meet you.My life now is wonderful I have 48 Grandchildren all so beautiful,even my 8 children have been ok.But I’mstill working just to exist,I’m74 and I take care of people the last 12 years.I’m so tired,I’d love to write my book.My first child was born when I was14 .I called for your address and the young lady saidyou most likely won’t get an answer.I watch you every Day please send me 2 Tickets for May 2010.Love you Lena Bellon