It Was A Good Life

3.) Tell us about Grandpa.

My Grandpa.




I’m squeezed onto the couch next to Grandpa. He brought a salmon over for the party goers. I feed it to my cat. I’m too shy to talk to Grandpa and when I’m not looking he gives a pinch to my side while making a weird ducky noise. I don’t know how he makes that noise, but it puts a smile on this shy girl’s face. every. time.

Be patient. Sometimes you have to sit all day for a bite. I did what I was told. Got comfortable. I wasn’t expecting so much excitement when I felt the little tug on my rod. Grandpa look!!! He helped me reel it in and bragged about what a great fisherman I was.

Such A Catch

I’m in high school. Still missing my Dad. Still too shy to hug Grandpa and tell him I love him and thank him for being so wonderful. So I don’t. I buy him a card and I write it down. Typical. Didn’t want to see him read it in front of me so I waited until he was leaving our house before running it out to him. I wanted him to know. He took the card and smiled. He already knew.

I’m in love. I’m going to get married. I visit Grandpa and it’s his anniversary. Every year he sings Grandma the same special song he made up, “50 yeaaaars married tothewronnnng womannnn….”. And every year she smiles at him and then hits him over the head for that song.

I had a baby! A new life. My first. We did everything we could to get out of the hospital before the 24 hours standard stay. We went home. Left her in her carseat. Showered quickly and were off again. Met the family at the cemetary. Cradling a breath of new life while mourning one lost. A reunion unmatched in heaven that day. Father and son together at last.


For inspiration I called Grandma today and asked her this question…If you had to describe Grandpa in a word…what word would you use?

Without pause she said simply, “a friend. He was a good friend.”

Grandma and Grandpa.

I asked her if she ever questioned her choice to marry Grandpa considering the short time they dated.

“Oh NO!!! It was a good life.”

How sweet, I thought. She sure loved that man. And then she followed it up by saying,

“I thought about murder a couple times, but….” We both had a good laugh and I breathed a sigh of relief. She makes me feel so normal.