I Stole Pumpkins

Is it memory making time already!?! Why yes. Yes it is.

And since I have plans to be in Vegas in two measley weaks I had no choice but to hit up the local patch with family in tow.


And I never told you all this last year for fear of a backlash from my readers who frown upon stealing and such, but a year has passed and I feel much more comfortable coming forward with this information.

I stole pumpkins.

Laina Likes Pumpkins

Last year at the patch it was a madhouse. The patch was PACKED. We had to wait in line for a wagon and then gave up waiting for one altogether. We had three tired kids screaming at us by the time we were ready to go, parking was horrendous, it was cold and windy…we just wanted out of there.

Kainoa Likes Wagon Rides

I walked Pat to the car with the kids and pumpkins so they could load up and then took my sticky note with the cost of the pumpkins scribbled on it and went and stood in line.

And stood there.

And stood there.

And stood there.

Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater

I was ALMOST to the front of the line when I saw the “CASH ONLY” sign. Fiddlesticks. We don’t carry cash and I only had my debit card. Pat, the kids, and the carefully chosen pumpkins were all loaded and waiting.

I glanced at the busy workers as I studied the numbers on my sticky note.

Picking Perfect Pumpkins

I smiled nervously at the woman behind me patiently waiting to move forward.

I gazed at the fields upon fields of orange treasures. Thousands of pumpkins that would surely be picked raw by crows and field mice in the upcoming weeks.

I slowly backed away.

I calmly walked to the car.

I climbed in and slipped the sticky note into the front pocket of my purse.

Happy Pumpkin Pickers

Me. A thief. A van filled with my oblivious accomplices. It felt horrible…but necessary and I TOTALLY intended on going back at nap time to pay what was rightfully due….but….I was so tired and it’s just….surely after naps I could go back and pay….but then….they were closed and well….well the more time that passed and the more sure I was that I was not going to jail the HARDER it was to make myself go back and pay for the pumpkins.

Pumpkins…just crops right? I mean the seeds couldn’t have cost more than a few pennies right?

Naturally this year when we went I was sure to pay for last year’s stolen goods.



Me And My Patch