Your Assignment, Should You Choose To Accept


For you newbies it’s never to late to jump in!! Here is what you must do. Choose a prompt that inspires you most. Write. Come back this Thursday and paste the URL to your actual post (do this by clicking the title of your post after you hit publish, an extended URL will come up in the address bar. That’s the URL you want to use) into the Mister Linky that will be up…this way anyone can click on your name and head over to your place to see what you wrote.

Feel free to write on more than one prompt if you so desire. I do it all the time, but it’s my game…and I don’t know how to shut-up…so it should be expected. And remember the more comment love you give, the more comment love you get so comment comment away.

The Prompts:

1.) Summer’s recent post “I’m Sensitive And I Want To Stay That Way” talks about how her sensitivity works for her and against her, but that she embraces herself for the way she is. What is your cross to bear?

2.) What is one of your life mottos?

3.) How do you deal manage the “death” talk with your kids?

4.) Describe a funny or favorite gift that you’ve gotten or have given.

5.) Is your husband a gamer? Does your child have an obsession with dogs? (ahem) Does your friend talk constantly of her undying love for Edward? Write a poem to the item your loved one is obsessing over.


  1. says

    Ok one of the things you miss when you’re just following from your reader is awesome blog design changes! When did this happen! It lurv-ley! As in I lurves it!

    And there’s the actual gorgeous non-photoshopped Kat. Awww.

    Will do my darndest to get a post up on Thurs after being MIA for a lil bit. ;-)
    .-= When did I become my Mom´s last post: With thanks =-.

  2. says

    I inspired a prompt???

    Let me leave you with life motto #278 (yes, I number mine)
    “Use the restroom ever chance you can. You don’t know when the next will come along”

    I know.
    I AM DEEP.
    Like a rain puddle.

    …(the re-design is lovely. So proud of for coming to the dark side…er, to WordPress with the rest of us)……
    .-= The Glamorous Life Association´s last post: AlbumTalk: It’s so so wrong… =-.

  3. Insomniac Mummy says

    I might have a whirl at this this week.

    Loving the new look!

    .-= Insomniac Mummy´s last post: The Ginger Kid – The Common Acceptance of the Bullying of Redheads =-.

  4. says

    I love the new look. You look GORGEOUS with your cute little apron, too!!
    I’m going to try and actually perticipate this week.. it’s been awhile!

  5. says

    Hakuna Matata would be cheating, I suppose.

    Great…now I need to dig…way down deep into the unknown territory of my scattered brain.

    Its a dangerous thing, but someone has to do it.
    .-= Triplets Plus Two Momma´s last post: Do Straight Jacket’s Go Well With Khaki’s? =-.

  6. Holly L says

    The wheels are turning…looking forward to reading everyone’s stories.
    .-= Holly L´s last post: Blatant Self Promotion and Bloggy Shopping =-.