Writer’s Workshop: Ode To A Purple House

5.) Write a poem to the item your loved one is obsessing over.

When I was little I used to get frustrated with my Mom’s rules and my utter lack of power. I wanted SO bad to be the Mom and to send her to HER room for a change. She’s not an animal lover. I told her that when I grew up I was going to own 100 dogs and 100 cats and keep them all in the basement…and when she came over I would let them all out. My punishment always got a good laugh out of her, but she had no idea how serious I was.

I have mentioned Laina’s purple house before. Any time I tell her she can’t have something she’ll respond by saying, “well I have dat at my purple house!” or if I say she can’t do something she’ll say “I do dat all da time at my purple house!”

And like me, her imaginary house is also filled with animals (dogs to be exact)…less to spite and punish me and more because she really is just obsessed with dogs. She has lists and lists of actual names of dogs who live in this house and each of the dogs has an actual personality. Some cannot be near others because they bite, others are puppies, some go everywhere with her, others stay in cages…and on and on.

Ode To A Purple House
Purple house, sweet purple house, with your purple windows and doors
I’m sorry for your messy rooms and all your neglected floors.
My daughter it seems, has invented you for the party in her brain
It hurts her so, when I say no, but you mask the pain.

Purple house, sweet purple house, with Pongo and Perdita.
Scamp and Angel, Cecil and Jewel and sweet little baby Beeta.
There’s plenty of room for them to run, you keep them warm at night.
And Laina is thrilled, her desires filled with her dogs all by her side.

Purple house, sweet purple house, with your purple painted playroom
My girl can finally play in peace and stay up to catch a full moon.
She can jump and she can dance, she will have her own computer,
Thousands of toys, no room for boys, for not one can seem to woo her.

Purple house, sweet purple house, for your loyalty I thank you.
If Laina did not have a friend in you I don’t know what she would do.
But you are there, standing strong, you always seem to pull through,
And if times get tough, we don’t have enough, We’ll have a purple house to go to.

(Purple house painting by James B. Janknegt)

Now it’s your turn!

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The Prompts:

1.) Summer’s recent post “I’m Sensitive And I Want To Stay That Way” talks about how her sensitivity works for her and against her, but that she embraces herself for the way she is. What is your cross to bear?

2.) What is one of your life mottoes?

3.) How do you deal manage the “death” talk with your kids?

4.) Describe a funny or favorite gift that you’ve gotten or have given.

5.) Is your husband a gamer? Does your child have an obsession with dogs? (ahem) Does your friend talk constantly of her undying love for Edward? Write a poem to the item your loved one is obsessing over.


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    Oops, I goofed this morning when adding my link to the writer’s workshop and added my blog URL instead of the post URL so re-did it. You might want to delete number 11 up there if you can.

    Funny that your daughter likes dogs so much. She does know her purple house is just pretend, right? I ask because on Oprah once I saw a little girl who had a bunch of imaginary friends that she really thought were real-she had schizophrenia at like age 7 or something like that.
    .-= Karen & Gerard Zemek´s last post: Age Doesn’t Matter and Mr. Jolly (Writer’s Workshop) =-.

  2. says

    Wow, she’s obsessed with the color puprle? She’s like Tina Yothers in Family Ties … wait, is that too obscure of a reference? oh well.

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    That was so sweet! I love it! You’re quite the poet, you know! And this reminds me of my little one — who recently invented his own planet where he can do “anything I want.” I guess a purple house isn’t big enough for him — he needs a planet (It is bigger than Jupiter by the way.) I’m always being informed of updates on what is going on there — one law is that there is no naps — EVER! It is fun how they use these places to make themselves in control and live out their fantasies! You’ve inspired me to write my own post about his planet … the rules change daily and there are some quite interesting animals on it too! Thanks for this today — I loved it! : )
    .-= Jenners´s last post: Talking About Death with the Little One =-.

    • says

      Yes Jenners! That’s exactly what Laina does…constantly adding thing to her Purple House…I love that your guy made an entire planet. Now THAT’S thinking!!

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    Are there things you can’t do? Awesome poem. I’m all about the rhyming. I just can’t get behind a poem that doesn’t rhyme. Hope that praise was enough to get you to forgive me for cheating a bit on this week’s post…I posted it before I even knew what the prompts were, but if fits with the motto so I linked it. It’s perfect though, I swear it.
    .-= parenting BY dummies´s last post: Something New =-.

  5. kiki says

    great prompts. wish i was creative enough to come up with something special today. adorable picture and i love laina’s imaginary house. when i was younger, i wanted a farm and my sis and i would rescue every unwanted horse and dog. it was in Fl and had lots of land and mattresses everywhere for them to sleep on. take care.
    .-= kiki´s last post: Bah! Humbug! =-.

    • says

      Hahaha…I almost put a line in there about me helping take care of the poor dirty house because Laina is so neglectful with her housekeeping duties, but then I was all “oh who am I kidding!?! I’m not cleaning her Purple House!! I don’t even clean my OWN house!” Hahaha…So maybe YOU can go mop her purple floors. :)

  6. 3 Men & a Lady says

    That’s so funny that she has is all planned out. She wants to be the woman in control of her own destiny, huh? Lol. It’s good she’s that independent to WANT her own house, own rules. I remember my baby brother told my mom once when he was 4 or 5 that he didn’t want to grow up and have a life of his own. He just wanted to live there with the parents forever. Well, he’s 20 and STILL lives at home. We joke about it all the time.
    .-= 3 Men & a Lady´s last post: Tuesday Weigh-In =-.

    • says

      Cute! I keep telling Maile and Laina that I want them to stay little forever and that they do not have my permission to grow up. When Laina gets mad at me she’ll throw it in my face. “I AM gonna grow up Mom! I AM!”

  7. says

    Great poem! When it is time for my daughter’s nap she often says she is going to break the house and fly out of the roof. I always tell her the days she learns how to fly she doesn’t have to take naps anymore :)
    .-= Emmy´s last post: My Life Motto =-.

  8. says

    How cute! It think it’s funny she’s come up with this Purple House! I have friends who have a “Pink World” where they say “That exists in my pink world.”

    Bizzare in adults, adorable in children.

  9. says

    Thanks, I’ll delete the extra entry!

    I can’t really tell how serious Laina is…sometimes she says it’s her house she lived in when she’s “growed up” and other times she seems pretty convinced she’s got a house filled with her favorite things. I’m not too worried YET. :)

  10. Holly L says

    We should all get to have a purple house…what a fine idea. In fact, I think Kids have the best ideas.
    .-= Holly L´s last post: Merry Cluckmas! =-.

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    what a great place for a child. My kids all had imaginary friends but never an imaginary place. Although as a child I remember inventing lots of places to visit in my mind. great post!

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    Really cute poem Kat! I have to get back in on this Writer’s Workshop thing, I’ve been a slacker lately. I’m hoping to come to the Baltimore SITS event, just to meet YOU! ha ha! I don’t live too far from there, hoping to find a friend to come with me. Have a great day!

  13. erica says

    Is it normal to have a “purple house” when you’re 32 years old? My “purple house” has live-in maid, a big kitchen with a deep sink, a self-cooking and baking oven, and has money tree growing in the solarium :)
    .-= erica´s last post: Writer’s Workshop: My personal motto is FabULous =-.

  14. says

    You must come Caren! Maybe we can find a friend…it definitely is a lot more fun if you have someone you know with you. That being said there will be PLENTY of people to meet and we can all eat and drink and have fun that night!

    • Nicole @ Modern Style Mama says

      I am really trying to make it to Baltimore too. I would love to meet everyone and learn a thing or tow of course. I was a bit nervous going not knowing anyone, myself.
      .-= Nicole @ Modern Style Mama´s last post: Updated Info about the 4 year old Little Boy Jacob From Mexico, NY. =-.

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    Funny story…I opened my computer and told Laina to look at a picture of her with her purple house. She got a huge smile on her face and then furrowed her eyebrows, “where are all my dogs?”

  16. says

    I love that she has an imaginary house! My daughter, when she grows up, wants to buy the house next door, paint it purple and have a bunch of cats because we won’t let her have them. She’s a bit disappointed that Daddy won’t come over for a visit because of the cats tho…

  17. amber says

    I want a purple house where I can do whatever I want. That would rock. Has Writer’s Workshop always been Wednesday? Am I slow? Because I always do mine on Thursday.

    I guess I’ll post my fashionably late entry a little later today.
    .-= amber´s last post: Wordful Wednesday: The Christmas Tree Edition. =-.

  18. says

    I wonder if that is where they will send me when the little white truck comes with those little white jackets.

    Purple sounds nice. Very niiiiice!! lol

    And DASH IT ALL…I wanted to be number 50…but I can’t wait around all day….
    .-= Triplets Plus Two Momma´s last post: My Current Life’s Motto =-.

  19. Tracee says

    I had a purple house. In my 20’s I renovated an 1880’s shotgun stlye house and painted it plum with white trim, a green door and green window panes. From time to time strangers would knock on the door to let me know how much they liked it. Every girl needs a purple house!

  20. says

    Ohh I want a purple house, too! I probably wouldn’t have as many dogs as Laina though…

    …don’t tell her I said that. ;-)
    .-= Lynsey´s last post: Why do people do this? =-.

  21. Gina says

    Love your poem…and the painting.
    .-= Gina´s last post: "The advantage of the emotions is that they lead us astray." -O. Wilde =-.

  22. Nicole @ Modern Style Mama says

    Well you have down it again. I am always amazed at your work, your quite the poet! It is amazing to me the imagination children have. I would love to jump into their minds for a day to really see what they are thinking. Your little girl is quite creative. :)
    .-= Nicole @ Modern Style Mama´s last post: Updated Info about the 4 year old Little Boy Jacob From Mexico, NY. =-.

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    Dangit, Mama Kat. So far every comment I’ve made on your new site says my last post was Cinnamon Chip Gems. They are really yummy, but could you get WordPress to write a new post for me so it doesn’t look like I’m over here doing nothing? I’m getting ready for Christmas, for heaven’s sake!
    .-= Tracy P.´s last post: Cinnamon Chip Gems =-.

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    I love your blog! This was my first time doing a writer’s workshop, but I have some friends who have been participating for a while and I always enjoy the insight/humor that comes from their posts because of yours! (I actually did mine last night but forgot to leave a comment until now. My brain is going!)

  25. says

    Love the poem, love the photoshop art, love the idea of a purple house to escape to. My Kaya’s is a 2-story fantasy house.