Dear Ellen #13: An Original Music Video For Ellen Degeneres

Dear Ellen,

I think I owe you a happy belated birthday! Are you aware that you just turned 52? What this tells the world is that you have officially come into your own. You are confident and composed and secure. You have love, you have money, you have fame. You. Have. MADE IT!

You know what this tells ME? That we’re one year closer to the END of The Ellen Show. Tell me Ellen…how will I skyrocket your show to even more superfamedom by allowing you to have me as your guest, if in fact, the show is no longer on the air?

I have every intention of continuing to write you letters until I’m 80, but what IF you stop doing your show before I turn 80? People will think I’m nuts for encouraging you to have me on a show doesn’t even exist. They may begin to think I’m not all there. They may encourage me to change the name of my blog to “Mama Done Lost Her Damn Mind”.

So while you’re out celebrating your 52nd with Portia and talking about where you’ll be vacationing next summer…I’m feeling a little uneasy about where things currently stand with us. Which is to say, nowhere.

I’m slightly concerned that after a year of writing, none of your interns have reached out to me. My offer to sleep with one of them still stands. I am not above the “Hollywood” way of making dreams come true.

And then it occurred to me that perhaps I’ve got it all wrong with the letter writing Ellen. How many times have we seen celebrities hit it big as youngsters only to find out that by jumping into show business so early they never actually learned to read? It happens all too often…which is why I’ve decided to share my very first Dear Ellen music video with you. Here’s hoping a Mama Kat original can help get my message across:

I can’t wait to serenade you in person Ellen!


Mama Kat

Dear Blog Readers!

Coincidentally Ellen tweeted this last week: Attention Followers! We’re looking for fun new talent so send me a YouTube link with the tag #GetOnEllen. Can’t wait to see what you post.

GASP! is right. You know what this means right? Now, I have NO qualms with writing Ellen letters for the rest of my live long life. Show or no show. I will do it. And I have NO problems losing contests to people who are actually legitimately talented and in need of their big break. But how funny would it be if this ACTUALLY worked!?! What if I could be on the show and we could fill the audience with mommy bloggers! ALL of us could go! And she could give us all cars and send us to Bermuda and we could have a mini mommy blogging summer vacation together!!! Or not…but just what IF right?

If you feel so inclined, and you have a twitter account you can tweet my video to TheEllenShow and gently encourage her to foster a friendship with me.

This is the link to my video on youtube:

And I’ll even make a few tweet suggestions for you if you don’t know quite what to say. You can say:

@TheEllenShow if I had a talk show I’d put @mamakatslosinit on it…but I don’t…so you should: #GetOnEllen

@TheEllenShow She’s not sober, but she’ll be what you need @mamakatslosinit is your girl: #GetOnEllen

@TheEllenShow Hey @mamakatslosinit ain’t no one trick pony…whatever that means…put her on your show! #GetOnEllen

@TheEllenShow @mamakatslosinit has written you 13 letters and is now singing your good graces on youtube! #GetOnEllen

@TheEllenShow @mamakatslosinit has written 13 letters to u…put her out of her misery: #GetOnEllen

@TheEllenShow @mamakatslosinit is the most talented up &coming…well…nothing, but she made u a video: #GetOnEllen

@TheEllenShow Ohhhhh dear Ellen….OHHHHHH dear Ellen!! Listen to @mamakatslosinit #GetOnEllen

@TheEllenShow Not like we’re askin 4 a new van &a trip to Bermuda we just want @mamakatslosinit on ur show #GetOnEllen

@TheEllenShow #GetOnEllen She sings, she dances, she drinks, she blogs… in kick-ass aprons @mamakatslosinit

I don’t know…what else could you say?


  1. says

    This is a-flippin’-hilarious! I am SO glad you decided to do it! I will tweet this in the AM, but for now I gotta pass out. :-)

  2. Gigi says

    You do realize what you’ve done, right? You have created an earworm! This song has been stuck in my head ever since I heard it! If that doesn’t get Ellen’s attention I don’t know what will.

  3. says

    roflmbo consider it tweeted my dear… and I am sick at how clean and organized your house is lol… teach me oh wise one teach me

  4. says

    You are an absolute RIOT!! I am sitting here dying laughing at your video for the 3rd time. It peaked the Hubs interest so much he had to watch it before he walked out the door for work. We HAVE got to find a way to get you on that show!!

  5. says

    This has reached epic proportions! Hilarious!

    If I had twitter I would tweet: You can make lots kinda happy, or one person SUPER happy. Have @mamkatslosinit on your show. #GetOnEllen

    But I don’t so instead I will send you good luck thoughts. (That hardly makes up for it, huh?)

  6. says

    Love the video! I watch Ellen every morning and your if you don’t make it on by that then I’m reconsidering…well, maybe!? Anyways, what I will do is tweet every one of those suggestions you provided. Good luck!

  7. says

    I have no idea what else you could say, but oh my gosh I totally tweeted that crap to her about 5 bajillion times! Plus, since my business name changed I’m tweeting it another 5 bajillion times once I open that Twitter account! Best of luck Mama Kat! You nneeeeed to be on Ellen.

  8. Liz says

    OMG- so funny, Kat! This has been stuck in my head all day- I know this will work for you- I can just FEEL it! When you go on Ellen and gain a zillion followers, don’t forget your loyal readers!!!


  9. says

    That was both awesome and hilarious!!! I really hope that you get on her show because after all of that hard work you totally deserve it!

  10. says

    I had NO IDEA that you were so musically talented!! If you were not already my hero (which you were) you definitely are now! That was awesome. You are SO in!!

  11. says

    Oooohhhh Dear Mama Kat! Leave it to Ellen to push your production skills to a new level, while you pushed your kids out of the way. The blinking “SHAMELESS PLUG” is my favorite. I am going to have my kids teach me how to use the TV remote now.

  12. says

    Adorable! I couldn’t stop laughing! I’ve been wondering all this time, have you actually sent those letters to Ellen? I sure hope you have. Good luck! I might actually have to get my Twitter account up and running just so I can tweet this to her. Keep us posted Kat!

  13. Sevi says

    That was the greatest video ever. EVER! I seriously was laughing the whole time and ignoring the fact that my dogs need to go out. I HOPE YOU MAKE IT ON HER SHOW!!!

  14. Christine says

    Serioulsy, YOU ARE SO FREAKING AWESOME!!!!!! I am going to pimp you out oh don’t you worry.

  15. says

    I am so glad I didn’t miss this post. I am definitely going to tweet your link right now. I can’t wait to be in the audience and get a car and Bermuda vacation. Yea!!! :)

  16. says

    You are so funny! I love it! Thanks for the Monday morning laugh! :) Good luck!! i don’t tweet…but maybe I’ll start just for this! :)

  17. says

    OMG, this was hysterical!!! I cannot believe how much work you put into this. I don’t even use my Twitter account, but off I go!

    Justine :o )

  18. says

    OMG LOVE IT!!!!

    You might want to fix something though … Ellen is 52!! (I know, I can’t believe it either, she’s sooo hot!!!) But yeah, as her BFF, you should know her b-day is: January 26, 1958, so she just turned 52.

  19. says

    The talent, woah the talent…

    I mean you sing, you play guitar, you lip sync…I mean is there ANYTHING you can’t do???

    I’ll do whatever I must for you to get your dying dream.

  20. says

    I LOVE YOUR VIDEO! Hilarious! You truly are talented Mama Kat!

    I shamelessly plugged you on Twitter: niferann4 @TheEllenShow Please! @mamakatslosinit just wants to be on your show! Check it out: #GetOnEllen

  21. says

    If she doesn’t pick yours, I will have to drive down there and start a campaign. I will be holding a sign “Put Mama Kat on your show!’ Haha. Your video is great!

  22. Tabi Rambles says

    Are you sure that we are going to think that you done lost your mind when your 80 or can we possibly already think that?!?! ;) Good luck…Come ON ELLEN, how can you resist her???

  23. mama-face says

    This was awesome and the fact that you gave twitter ideas just sent it over the top… I know, that’s totally old people talk; but I am nearer Ellen’s age than yours. sadface.

    hahahaha. so great.

  24. says

    I did Tweet for you. If it works, I’m sure it was my Tweet that sent it over the edge and I want you to yell out “Jenners!!!!!” right before a commercial break and lift your shirt. Thank you.

  25. Emily Longnecker says

    I can’t believe she still has not had you on the show!!! You are so talanted kat, see you soon. Em

  26. says

    This is so funny! I don’t watch the Ellen show but I know lots of people that like her…you deserve it! BTW, the website is faster…sorry I didn’t email you back!

  27. Princess of Sarcasm says

    Genius. Pure genius. I will definitely tweet!!

    I am boycotting Ellen until she has you on the show! *

    Keep trying girl! You’ll either get on it quickly or at least you’ll get to see her in court when you’re the defendant and she’s the plaintiff. ;)


    *Bold face lie to show solidarity

  28. says

    That’s great! I tweeted for you. I hope your video catches Ellen’s attention. It would be so cool to see you on the show! And an audience of Mom Bloggers – that would be awesome. Good luck!

  29. says

    THAT was a fabulous video. How do you find the time and energy to think up these things? So jealous of your creativity! Now I need a goal as big as yours … but what??!!