My Boy

My boy is three.

I feel like just yesterday I was showing off my brand new baby and recounting the story of his birth and writing about how when I was pregnant with him I really wanted him to be a girl.

And now here we are at three!

High fives all around! We have officially survived the terrible twos!!!

It’s over.


Kainoa is a love. With one look he can get me to say yes to just about anything. Oreos for breakfast? You got it! He has cast a spell on me that only a little boy with his sweet grin and thumb sucking ways can do. He’s a happy guy, he has a good life, he is loved by everyone, and my everyday is mainly focused around him and keeping the happy boy I love and adore on the surface and The Terrible Two pushed deep below.

Kainoa can be a major pain in the neck.

Man, have I battled  The Terrible Two this year!

Last week I walked into Target with all three kids in tow and after passing three racks of clothes The Terrible Two decided he had to push the cart himself, “noIdoit!! noIdoitmommy! noIdoit!!”.


He threw himself to the ground when I touched the cart in order to maneuver it away from the old lady he was going to nail and I swooped him up and brought all three kids home. Because I just. couldn’t. TAKE IT!

The next day, at the zoo I gave The Terrible Two a time out on a rock next to the Tiger sanctuary and don’t think for one second it didn’t cross my mind that I could just leave him there.


Just last Friday The Terrible Two was so mad at having to take a nap that after struggling to carry his long gangly body all the way up the stairs and to the room, he proceeded to punch me in the face.

But that was last week. And now that he’s three it’s time to say goodbye to:

  • Screaming car rides.
  • Random acts of violence.
  • Spilling large containers of liquid on computers and library books.
  • Waking up at all hours of the night.
  • Crying incessantly for one thing and then crying harder when that thing is given to him and then harder yet again when, exasperated, the thing is taken back that made him cry harder only for him to cry still harder yet.
  • Unpredictable restaurant behavior.
  • Angry raspberry noises directed at my face when he doesn’t get his way.
  • Missing cameras.
  • Throwing barbie houses at friends for the unforgivable offense of standing nearby.
  • Eating Oreos and Cheetos for breakfast.
  • Slamming buttons on my computer.
  • Running away from home.
  • Crashing loud cars into walls.
  • Running across counter tops.
  • Yelling at me about God knows what while I quickly run from room to room in an attempt to finish up a phone conversation.

Because three year old’s don’t act like that…

Today, I expect a new Kainoa to emerge.


A Kainoa who says please and thank you and I’m sorry. A Kainoa who does not go running down the street after garbage trucks. A Kainoa who listens to reason and nods patiently when I tell him to wait a minute and says “I understand mother” when I tell him he can’t have anymore candy.

Let the party begin!!!


And Happy Birthday my three year old Kainoa!

New Haircut


  1. angie says

    He punched you in the face? Why do I think that is so funny? I hope that the “hello 3 fairie” hears you about saying goodbye to those terrible twos.

    I LOVE his haircut by the way.

    • says

      God he’s handsome.

      And yes, he punched me in the face. It was very funny Angie, thanks for having a HEART! In his defense it was a half hearted punch. Like, he thought he wanted to hit me, but he knew he was going to be in big trouble so he did it in slow motion and then just looked at me like “uh oh”.

      It was a true battle of the terrible two vs. good boy. The good boy lost. The Terrible Two got a spanking.

  2. says

    Happy Birthday !! My little guy turns three next week and I am hoping for the three’s to be better than the two’s also. Crossing fingers for the both of us!

    I gave you an award on my blog.

  3. says

    OH my, let me tell you – we started that at around 2-1/2 and now my son is going to be 4 in a couple of weeks and it’s not any better!!! I’m ready to lose my mind ALL of the time. I really hope that three brings a change around your household! And I’m praying that FOUR brings a change around mine! :)

  4. says

    I have a friend that says “two is just practice for three.” I hope that is not true for you. And he is a very handsome boy. He doesn’t look quite so “shifty” with that haircut.

  5. says

    Good luck with that! For me, it’s like a roller coaster. Some days are great and then we have bad days… a month will be good and then the following month Hayden is a mess (he is nearly 3.5-years-old by the way). It’s definitely an interesting ride – but in the end, I suppose that it’s worth it.

    Cute haircut by the way!

  6. says

    Happy 3rd Kainoa!!! Eat lots of cake and run around screaming at the top of your lungs! Go out of terrible twos with a BANG!!! lol j/k
    My Juju turns 4 tomorrow…here’s to no more tantrums!!

  7. says

    Happy birthday little man! I love the haircut. He looks so grown up!

    Thank goodness my son didn’t go through the Terrible Twos. But 3 – that was a horrible year. And 4 only got worse. He’ll be 5 in a few weeks and Im hoping for some magical transformation.

    Sorry I didn’t give you a lot to look forward to!

  8. annie says

    My son was a nightmare at 3! Good luck to you – hoping all your dreams come true!

  9. says

    Ha ha…let me know how that works out for you! :-) In my experience the terrible twos never end…my oldest is almost 10…someone forgot to tell the almost 5 year old around here that she was supposed to be done with the terrible twos 3 years ago! Love the post!

  10. says

    I hate to break it to you (as others already have…) but 3 is WORSE (at least it was/is here). Have fun! ;)

    He does look awfully handsome with his new haircut. Perhaps it’s the magic that you need…

  11. says

    Maybe it’s because I have girls, but my 5 year old still tries to talk to me ONLY when I pick up the phone. She pretends she doesn’t hear me say “STOP IT” or “DAMMIT! LEAVE YOUR SISTER ALONE” and continues to do what she was doing to begin with that was pissing me off. And don’t even GET ME STARTED on the lying that is her NEW. FAVORITE. THING. TO. DO! I tell you, that brat hates me. (I was going to use a different b-word but I thought that might get me hate mail) She thinks I’m funny when I am mad at her….. HOLY SHIT! She IS my husband’s minime! How the F*&% did THAT happen!!!!???!!!!

    My little one is still two and I’m hoping her 3s and 4s are better than big sis’. *crossing fingers, toes, legs, eyes….*

    Not meaning to rain on your hopeful parade… but yeah, it’s best to expect reality!

  12. says

    Love his big boy haircut.. He’s such a handsome little guy. I hope you have some meds for those your delusions your’re having. Maybe some wine? You’re gonna need it for those dreams you’re having about the Terrible Two leaving the house. Say hello to Traumatizing Three

  13. says

    I have no children, so I can’t say for sure. But I have definitely seen children aged 3+ act like they were still experiencing their Terrible 2s. Sorry for your luck. :(

  14. says

    Mine are 12 & 10 now. Um, I wish I had some awesome news in regard to all of the above, but …well… ahem… Ok, on the bright side two is in the books. And you’re oodles of time from tween.

  15. says

    Happy Birthday and hello to the BIG 3 and goodbye to the 2’s. It is nice to look ahead to a wonderfful year. And everyone else had mentioned Kainoa’s haircut, so my invalid, non mattering opinion is, I thought it looked better before.

  16. Momlissa says

    Happy Birthday, Kainoa!

    OH man, terrible two’s for my boys were rough, but they started to go off the rails around 2.5 and they’re still going strong (fast approaching 3.5). In fact, there are times that two 3.5 yr old boys has been harder than when they were infants. lol. Not really, but it seems like that when they are yelling, crashing, slamming and otherwise joining in joint shenanigans.

    Love the haircut!

  17. says

    Mama Kat – my fingers are crossed for you. It is true that the children who have an incredible experience with the terrible twos don’t go through the horrid threes. I hope you don’t.

    ps – I like the haircut.


  18. says

    I just ♥ his new haircut!! And it’s amazing, he looks like a completely different kid! And so much older!

    So, Saylor just turned 3 a couple weeks ago too. AND instantly started talking baby talk. And even though she’s been potty trained for an entire year, wet her pants 2x yesterday?? But some things haven’t changed. She is into e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g.! Entire bottles of baby powder squirted around our room–on table tops, in carpets, on the bed skirt, powder dust on everything. Lotions are the perfect paint. I mean, unreal.

    Is Kainoa as mischievous as Saylor??

  19. says

    Have you somehow secretly been watching my life? I remember laughing at people who said that 3 was worse than 2 because, gah…how could that be? I took parenting classes, the terrible twos were so bad.

    They were right.

    For the love.

  20. Mrs. D says

    LOVE the haircut! So handsome!

    I hope he got it all out of his system in his 2’s and that the 3’s are much smoother… Happy birthday to your little man!

  21. AngieB says

    Oh my goodness he looks so grown up with the new haircut! I sincerely hope Three is a good year for you. With each of my boys it was the year I wanted to give them away to a passing band of gypsies but no one would take them.

  22. says

    The spilling liquid on library books and throwing a barbie house made me giggle a little….the terrible twos are one of the reasons I’m glad I don’t have a kid yet like 80% of my friends. Love his haircut and I hope things improve for you soon!

  23. says

    Oh my gosh, your son sounds like mine and mine won’t be two until next month! I have been spit on, hit in the face by flying fists, books, and Matchbox cars, my hair has been pulled until chunks of it come out in his hands. My son can definitely throw some monster temper tantrums. But, he can also be so sweet and forgiving and happy. I’m afraid my terrible twos started when he was about 18 months old. We’ve got a long way to go!!

  24. says

    He was running on the counters!?!?!?!?! That would give me a heart attach. Boys are so clever aren’t they? They can climb up just about anything.

    Love his grown up haircut.

  25. says

    Aw, happy birthday! I guess this would be the wrong place to mention that 3? MUCH worse than two! So go grab some more booze, er, I mean, cake – you’ll need it!

  26. says

    My daughter turned 3 yesterday so I am with you – all of the “terrible” stuff is just going to end!

  27. says

    I love how the terrible two’s are to blame for the loss of your camera.

    Happy birthday to him!!

    Congratulations on surviving through the terrible two’s. The best of skill in making it through the rest of them as well.

  28. Rachel {at} Mommy Needs a Vacation says

    A few things my dear:
    1) Happy Birthday to Kainoa!!
    2) I LOVE his haircut- he looks so handsome and grown up!
    3) You do know that the Terrible Two’s just turn into the Terrible Three’s right?

  29. says

    oh it’s got to be seriously bad if you leave TARGET! GASP!

    happy birthday lil one. be good to your mama at 3, will ya (defy the odds)

  30. says

    lol- good luck with that.

    I have a friend who’s kid sounds like yours. He’s about ten now, and with proper outings to release his energy (running 5 k’s and playing baseball) he’s a calmer kid. But when he was about 7, he ran away from school because a teacher told him no. He hopped a 10 foot fence, ran down the street, realized he was going the wrong way, rehopped the fence, ran across the school yard, climbed the other fence, and ran home.

    each age has it’s own tribulations. My baby boy is 17 and knows everything.

  31. says

    I have always thought 3 was worse than 2. I hope it’s not that way for you! {Gosh I feel like a Debbie Downer! lol} Love his haircut! What a handsome guy! ^_^

  32. says

    Congrats on getting out of the terrible twos. I am still in them, and my kid is 6. Every year I say “This is the year!” Every year I have been wrong. If you do emerge from that tantrum throwing belligerent gimme want it screaming stomping feet stage…let me know the secret, k??

    Cute haircut by the way!

  33. Emmy says

    Wow his hair cut makes him look so much older, still so cute. And well nowmis probably not a good time to tell you 3 was than 2 for us.

  34. says

    Aw, he is so cute. I LOVE the haircut.

    But hang on, Momma. The first half of year 3 was worse for us (Hayden and I) than the twos but with Jake and Quinn 3 is better. So I don’t know. Here’s hoping you get your wish.

  35. says

    “Crying incessantly for one thing and then crying harder when that thing is given to him and then harder yet again when, exasperated, the thing is taken back that made him cry harder only for him to cry still harder yet.”

    why do they cry like that? My nearly 3 year old like monster wakes up crying/whining, cries because A then B then… cries/whines himself to sleep and I swear he even does it in his sleep! Does the whining EVER stop? :)

  36. says

    Oh my goodness. Your story of Terrible Two sounds horrific! My 4th child has been 2 for 6 weeks. Whoa Nelly, have we seen some uprisings. Especially today with this heat.

    I sincerely hope your Terrible Two does not grow into a Tyrannical Three. I’ve seen it happen. Good Luck!

  37. says

    Gosh I hate to say this but I thought 3 has been worse than 2 for us! My son will turn 4 in August. We have barely survived this year. Now that he “understands” and attempts to reason…we’ve walked into a whole new area of issues. I knew it was going to be a problem on his 3rd b-day last year when I asked him how old he was he replied, “mom…stop talking to me!!!”. Yikes!

  38. says

    I’ve come to the conclusion that raising a boy is like raising another species, not just another gender.

    He’s the most amazing and frustrating creature…and I may just love him more than the girls. Do not tell that fact to my daughters – I will deny saying it.

    I do know that there is some special bond between a mom and her son…I’m convinced that’s what has kept me from letting the wolves finish raising him.

  39. Nolie says

    Happy Birthday! Oh didn’t you hear? It’s called the trying 3’s. Just saying ;)

  40. pam-tastic says

    Boy, you really have a knack for seeing the “glass half full”, don’t cha?

  41. says

    Happy Birthday Kainoa!! My oldest turned 3 in May…and everything you described was him to a T….when he turned 3! Soooo….we sent him to school. At least now…the tantrums don’t last 57 MINUTES! Yes that is right….a 57 minute tantrum! Maybe I should blog about that! (and yes I have no hair left)

    Soooo glad those times are over….now if I can just make that whine go away! Ugghh!!!

  42. says

    Oh God…I just posted about the TT’s, but I’m just beginning…with twins! Pray for me…or send wine…whatever is easier! He is one cute little dude with his new haircut though…love it!

  43. says

    My son’s phrase at that age was “me-do.” Thanks for the memories! Sixteen-year-olds bring their own set of problems. Oh, how I long for simple temper tantrums…lol

    • says

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  44. says

    Well dearest Mama Kat; it will surely happen but not so overnight as that. But still, a milestone is crossed and that is good. Congrats all around, to both Mama and birthday boy!

  45. says

    Happy birthday to him, dont I wish that the terrible two’s were only around for that year. My almost four year old son still has not gotten the memo yet…lol

  46. says

    I always thought 3 was way worse than 2. Hopefully that won’t be the case at your house lol. He definitly has the big boy hair now :)