Doggy IQ Test

I decided Rudy the Labradoodle’s IQ needed to be tested. I already know he’s smart. Sound Labradoodles would not be using him as their stud if he didn’t have that going for him, but after reading about another dog failing his test, I wanted to know how smart.

Enter “The Animal Attraction” Dog IQ Test, a six part challenge to prove what we already knew…that Rudy is part human.

Test one you hide treat under a can and see if your dog is smart enough to knock the can over and get the treat.

Test two you throw a towel over your dog and see how long it takes him to get out…or if he even tries.

Test three you smile big at your dog and see if he recognizes you’re smiling and comes to you without being called.

Test four you hide a treat under a towel and see if your dog is smart enough to move the towel and get the treat.

Test five you place a treat under a low table and see if your dog uses his paws to get the treat out when he realizes he can’t reach it with his mouth.

Picnik collage

And finally, test six is when you call your dog by another name…like “refrigerator”…if he comes to you he’s an IDIOT….it doesn’t say what to think when after you yell “refrigerator”, your three year old comes sprinting down the hallway…errrr.

For every test Rudy received a certain number of points based on how fast he completed the mission. While tallying his score I realized it wasn’t really fair to dock him for not coming to me when I was smiling. He was really comfortable in his spot…and the face I was making was not super attractive. So I’m giving him the full five points for that one.

Which pretty much puts Rudy at genius level.



  1. says

    LoL! When you called your dog Rudy my dogs ears perked up and he started looking all around. My dog’s name is Rocky.

  2. says

    1. Genius.
    2. Your Rudy is just a little bit bigger version of my Monty! They seriously look identical and I had to do a double take when I saw the pics. So now I need to get on putting some better pics of him on the blog.

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    I think I know exactly what other dog you are talking about (the one that failed his test). I laughed so hard at that post. Good to know that Rudy is a genius!!

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    I would love to have a dog just like Rudy. Too bad David won’t let us have dogs in the house…. and that I have no where near close to the funds to afford a Rudy.

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    LOVE that! My dogs would definitely come running if I yelled refridgerator… They’re hoping I’ll drop something.

  6. says

    That is HILARIOUS! My dog would fail any test that does not involve food. And since there is food in the refrigerator, he would probably respond if I called him that name, too!
    Thanks for the laugh this morning!

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    Waaiitt…what if you are smiling really big at him when you say “refrigerator”??? And THEN your dog comes? Does that dock him points? I’m pretty sure my dog will come to anything if he thinks he’ll get some lovin’ :)

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    what a fun post, yay for Rudy!! this post cracked me up! :)

    we have a labradoodle, and she is human..we have to spell things around her so she doesn’t know what we are talking about.

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    I’m sooo going to try this! Oh and btw, Rudy looks a lot like a PWD. My parents have had two and they are great dogs!

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    He is a smarty-smart, isn’t he? I wonder if these tests would work for cats? Or are they already off the charts, intelligence-wise?

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    Rudy’s pretty much perfect! I was actually telling my mom about him the other day (she has a Golden Doodle) and then I realized maybe it was a little weird that I was telling my mother about your dog. :)

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    Wow Rudy is not only super smart he is also very obedient! Don’t worry about your other species, mine would do the same. ;)

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    Instead of smiling at him, you should have put food on your face then I am sure he would have come to you. ;)

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    a) The video is freakin’ hysterical.
    b) Rudy is not only a genius but also adorable!
    c) I love that your 3 year old came running so fast – even if it wasn’t his name!

  15. says

    Rudy IS a genius!

    I remember testing my parents old dog with many of those same things. He wasn’t quite as smart as Rudy, though.

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    That is too cute! You know how much I love Rudy and I generally think he can do no wrong. My favorite part was when you were smiling at him and he just turned his head away. :) I’d test Jack, but I’m afraid I already know what the outcome would be… and it’s not so great… :p

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    What a great post! I’m laughing out loud because my husband and I always joke about how “not smart” our little French Bulldog, Bubba is. We always say that it’s a good thing he’s cute! I’m not sure if he’s not so smart or just stubborn. Looks like you got cute, sweet and smart there with Rudy…thanks for sharing!

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    Great stuff! I have done most of those things with my dog just for fun. I have never tried the smile test though. Yours cracked me up. It looks like Rudy is saying “What is wrong with her now? She’s gone crazy.”

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    I think my dog would fail this test. Especially the one where you put a towel on him. He likes being covered up. LOL Your video was funny.

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    I’m SO doing this with our Husky. I can’t wait to see how he does. Something tells me when I smile big at him, he’ll just look at me with contempt and think “Jackass.”

  21. says

    So funny! I love that your son came when you called refrigerator. My dog totally stopped what she was doing and looked at me when you were calling the names.

  22. says

    OK, my dog would not only find the treat under the can AND the towel, but she would also eat the can AND the towel. She has only the “lab” part, so I am assuming the genius part comes with the “doodle”.

    What does it mean if MY ears perk up and I come running when someone says refrigerator?

  23. says

    Our cat kept looking at the monitor and setting his head to the side every time you said something during the ‘does he know his name’ segment… I almost expected him to come to you. LOL!

    Rudy knows your smile… I saw him smile back. =)

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    I freakin’ love you! You are hilarious….Kainoa running in at the end in his supertight jammies made my night~So cute! Watching this during the bachelorette commercials:)

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    This is interesting–your dog is obviously not only smart but well trained too! I think you cheated though a little bit by giving him 5 points for not coming to you when you smiled. I’ll have to test Abby and see how she does with this.

  26. Heather @Welch Happenings says

    I smiled at my dogs and all they did was look in wonder, but as soon as a tiny laugh escaped my smile they were all over me! Turns out my dogs are just plain smart, not genius dogs like I thought!