Dear Ellen (letter 15): We’re Gonna Find It

Hello Ellen. I’d like to take a look at the upcoming season and perhaps solidify a date when I might be able to slip in there and see you…and your audience…and your 20 million viewers…and maybe Mama. Last year, due to trouble connecting, I was unable to make it and this year I have a feeling I’ll be available. My schedule is really starting to clear up.

Also, I noticed you like up and coming talent. I often see undiscovered stars you’ve found on youtube. I LOVE Greyson Chance and his rendition of Poker Face and I thought it was adorable that he got to come on your show and perform. What a sweetie pie. That’s really great for him.

Did I also catch wind that you’ve started your own record label Ellen? And that you’ve been signing on some of the young talent you’ve been finding on Youtube? I think that’s awesome!

I mean really great.

It has not crossed my mind that maybe these youngsters don’t even realize what it means for you to be reaching out to them. I don’t spend much time thinking about how they have their whole lives ahead of them to make careers for themselves and how there are women across the land who maybe feel trapped…ahem…at home with little ones…who maybe don’t even know who they are anymore after sacrificing every piece of themselves for the good of their family…who would possibly give their first born child for just a moment on your couch. I don’t think about any of that stuff, rather I love what you’re doing for the children. The hope and joy you bring to their lives by exposing their talent to the world is truly remarkable.

This idea to develop your own record company is genius! It only makes sense that you would choose to go in that direction after dominating day time television for so long and I like that you’re honing in on the “untouched” Youtube stars.

You know what else is “untouched” Ellen? The lip syncing industry. I mean, is there even such a thing? You could be a catalyst…a pioneer. Just think of the storm of controversy that would be caused when the music industry caught wind you were throwing your support (and money) behind “Mama Kat”, the one woman lip syncing SENSATION-slash-mommy blogger-slash-…we’ll have to think of one more thing in order to make me a triple threat, but I’m certain there is one.

It will be amazing Ellen and I’ll let you take full credit for the idea. Because I’m a giver like that. Here is my first submission:


  1. says

    That was the best video I’ve seen in so long! Also, I love the wonder woman wig! It’s probably been a while since you’ve pulled her out :).

    Thank you for making my day, Mama Kat!

  2. Cathy says

    I can’t, for the life of me, figure out why Ellen hasn’t put you on the show.

    It’s a conspiracy.

  3. says

    Your Dear Ellen letters are my favorite!! They totally crack me up. And yes, the lip synching industry has yet to be popular. Maybe you can be the first! Your submission was pure genius!

  4. says

    Amazing!!! I have no idea why Ellen hasn’t asked you to be on her show yet! Maybe we should all start a campaign to get you on her show?

  5. says

    Hello Mama Kat,
    I’m learning a bit more about Ellen, I think that’s great she’s discovering undiscovered talent on YouTube.

    I’m learning a bit more about you too. I really loved the video. It made me laugh. However, I’m going to hide this post so my seven-year old daughter doesn’t see it or she’ll want to broadcast us on YouTube too. :)

    Little mama already has me roped into doing a remake of Lord of the Rings. Complete with a script that she created. ( We’re videotaping it.) The lead stars are her two guinea pigs… naturally since they can’t talk we both have to say their roles, in guinea pig voices; of course… ;) Dress rehearsal started last evening.

    I agree with the others; you should be on Ellen’s show. Whatever is she thinking by not inviting you? ;)

  6. says

    haha, I LOVED it!!!! And how in the heck did you get two video’s in one picture frame. I’m impressed. Do you use imovie?

  7. baby says

    if you could just go ahead and post that video daily so i can kick start things right that would be ideal. thanks.

  8. says

    My 13 month old daughter broke out in dance as she closely watched the video…nice job! :) I’m positive this one is going to catch Ellen’s attention!

  9. says

    My 7 yo daughter LOVES this and now wants me to do it. She has every Barbie movie, and we sing the songs together a lot.

    By the way, you look amazing with platinum blond hair. ;o)

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    Forget Ellen, I think you should just have your own show :-)

    All joking apart, wouldn’t it be so great to have a Mom show, there really isn’t any such thing in terms of real life for new Moms that I know of and for any new Mom out there to be able to have a laugh about all the “fun” of new motherhood and know you are not alone would be just brilliant.

  11. says

    Can I just say that I’m trapped in Barbie Diamond Castle Hell right now, but you’ve made it all better by giving me a good laugh.

    I bow to your awesome powers.

    And your blondeness.


    Your biggest fan – Christy

    • says

      When I first watched that movie I couldn’t stop thinking about what it would be like if adults really acted like that. Totally made me laugh.

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    Ok, that was awesome! I love the video. I seriously can’t believe you haven’t gotten on the show yet. I’m thinking we could pass around a petition and get tons of people to sign it. I don’t think she realizes how popular the show would be if they had you as a guest.

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    Oh man, if Ellen wouldn’t pick you for the Lip-Synching Award then you must go on tour. Must. This is too funny, and you even got the *sigh* at the end!

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    I had a huge grin on my face during that video. You are so talented! :-)

    How can she ignore such talent as yours? Not everyone is so determined to be a great lip syncer!

  15. says

    Too freaking hilarious! Something like this would totally make Princess and the Pauper more bearable (we are trapped in a mind-sucking vortex of Barbie movies, but the Diamond Castle is one of the few we don’t have)

    Love it – Ellen totally needs you. I see (the both of you) in the Ellen’s bathroom!

  16. says

    This is beyond awesome! I totally cracked up!! You just have to be on Ellen!!! You go on with you bad lip synching self!!

    (The wigs are just the cherry on the top!)

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    I was just thinking how it’s been a while since you posted a letter to Ellen, it’s like you read my mind! I like your lip synching…definitely looks professional. Ellen has to pay attention now!

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    Hilarious – I found you via FB from Debi and Amanda (Multiples and More)
    My twin daughters love this song and the dvd so I found it really funny. Hope Ellen drops by!

  19. says

    That was beautiful, Kat! You’re truly a sensational singer!

    We’ll see what I think when I’m not heavily drinking wine while while watching though…that’s the real test!

  20. says

    My, what a gift you have! You make Barbie look like an amateur. Ellen would be a fool not to take you up on this offer. ;)

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    LOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!!! Best Ellen Letter Yet! My kids are behind me going “How did she DO that?!?”

    And I told them you used juuuuust a touch of crazy sauce.

    Andrew’s comment: “Why don’t you write the word hysterical…..or classic?”

  22. says

    Born to perform. Good grief, you even got the blinds lined up. The only thing you are more of than a performer is a computer geek. ;-)

  23. says

    #1 – you are gorgeous as a blond and a brunette
    #2 – you are a natural lipsyncer/ performer
    #3 – one day, Ellen will have to listen to you.
    #4 – are you coming to Utah for the St George Bootcamp? I have to meet you. :)

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    when you make it on ellen, you should totally take that blonde chick with you! she’s *almost* as pretty as you are, and *maybe* even a little bit better at singing. you make an awesome duo!

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    I like to page surf & I find all kindsof things I can relate to. LOLS I have delusions of granduer & 1 is of Ellen, me & Oprah becuz I have “IT” U have “IT” too. Can u send me her address /contact info I’ll pimp (term used to promote women/pages on FB) you. Hope u get back to me as I believe we have a “connection” everything happens 4 a reason. I put u on my favorite’s so I’ll B back LOL

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    Ok so I’m confused! I thought you got it! But when I watched the video it was the lipsync thing.. nwey…. hope you get to the show!

    You deserve it!!