And Now She’s Seven

Seven years ago on this day I pushed a 7 pound 8 ounce baby out of my body. She was the first good looking newborn that’s ever graced this planet.

The first of three.

And Now She's Seven

Before we left the hospital with our little treasure the nurses warned me that I might feel a little sad in a few days. I, however, was on cloud nine. I whispered to Pat back in our room, “how could anyone feel sad with such a blessed beautiful new life in their home!?!!?”

Three days later I was crying for no reason. How had this become my life??? My hormones and my weight and my boobs and our finances and. that. BABY!

And Now She's Seven

The adjustment wasn’t easy. The understanding that I now lived on baby time was a hard for me to grasp. I was anxious and uncomfortable and moody.

And then she smiled. My world melted at the sight of this little girl.

And Now She's Seven

And then she ate stuff.

And she walked.

And she laughed.

And she screamed.


And Now She's Seven

She was stubborn and strong-willed and sensitive and shy.

She was snuggly, she was a mama’s girl, and she loved her white blanket.

Miss Attitude

Now she’s seven. And I’m still crying. She’s barely changed one bit.

How has this become my life???

I’d sooner die than go back to life before Maile. Happy birthday baby girl!

And Now She's Seven


  1. Tiffany says

    Awww, Happy Birthday to your little girl! She’s beautiful! That second to last photo so looks like you! Her head cocked and all. She’s definitely sweet and sassy!

  2. says

    God talk about hormones, I’m just tearing up reading about yuor little girl let alone thinking about my 3 little boys. Congratulations, she’s a gorgeous little one that’s for sure. Happy birthday Maile!

  3. says

    happy birthday to such a cute and adorable girl! i love the first photo where it shows just a slight tinge of naughtiness with the smile.

    don’t worry, there are still more years to cry….but like you said, we wouldn’t want it any other way. :-)

  4. says

    How sweet. You know they say 7 is the perfect number. =) This is a beautiful post for your birthday girl. Someday she’ll see this and cry a river!

  5. says

    Awww…so precious!! I would agree….life before our snuggly, mama girl’s, I would never go back. I love my baby too.

    Happy birthday to Maile!

  6. says

    Beautiful post with beautiful pictures. She’s such an adorable little girl. Happy Seventh Birthday to her!

    p.s. Thanks for adding in the “her life in pictures time line” since I’m narcissistic I’m just going to pretend that you added them per my twitter request. (=

  7. says

    I love chubby little baby legs. Both of my kids and my grandkids had chubby little baby legs. Your Maile is truly a beauty, just like her mom.

  8. says

    7 is such a huge transitional year! Kaya changed from my little girl into my big girl, borderline teenager. Everything she used to like is too babyish now. It’s heartbreaking and exciting at the same time.


    Come see my new layouts, and catch up on some reading!

  9. says

    She just happens to have the best birthday ever. I would love to be a 7 year old again enjoying my birthday. As a mom, birthdays kinda stink.

  10. says

    Time flies by doesn’t it? Although we are in the screaming phase with the second one right now (she screams whether she is sad, mad or even happy!) so I wish time would move a little faster some days!
    Hope your little one had a great day!

  11. says

    Happy birthday to your beautiful 7 year old daughter, Maile. As I read this I started to cry cause it seems like only yesterday I went through all those feelings. My baby is going to be 21 years old in March. But no matter what she is always my “baby” and I will always be her “mommie” Oh there she is now texting me to come ichat with her. Enjoy every second of those beautiful children of yours.

  12. says

    That is such a wonderful post about your daughter. My daughter just turned 7 as well on Oct. 6th. I can’t believe how fast time flies. HUGS

  13. says

    Oh, she’s just adorable! And I don’t think we ever stop crying….Happy, Happy Birthday to your little one, who isn’t quite so little anymore.

  14. says

    Them baby blues seem like they last forever, with every milestone is they pop up and the tears flow, along with the pride and happiness of course. Happy seventh birthday to her and you!

  15. says

    Oh my gosh! How cute! I have a five year old who wants to meet her. He knows just what to do with older women.

    Happy birthday to my girl’s girl! Hope it was a blast:)