Reasons I Love My Husband…But Forget Our Anniversary

Pat and I assumed our usual positions in front of our computers last night. Pat interrupted my usual tweeting program with a “Hey Kat?” and I barely glanced up from my computer. “Hmm?” And then he said the words that sent me into a quiet panic…

“Happy Anniversary.”

Without glancing at him I quickly maneuvered my mouse to the lower left corner of my screen and clicked on the time. Up popped my virtual calendar and all be damned if he wasn’t right.

It was our anniversary and I forgot.


me: Crap Pat! Why didn’t you tell me!?!

pat: I just did.

me: No I mean earlier…why didn’t you say something? You didn’t even call to tell me you loved me or anything! I could have gotten a babysitter and we could have gone to dinner…wait…where’s my present?? Did you bring me flowers or I don’t know…a cd or something?

pat: nah.

me: WHAT? Why!?!

pat: Because you didn’t remember.

me: I DID remember! I just forgot to tell you.

pat: You didn’t remember.

me: How long have we been married anyways?

pat: See that! I’m not even telling you.

me: Seriously Pat how long…like 7 years?

pat: 8 years Kat. And we’ve known each other for 16.

me: Awww…you were my high school sweetheart!…You just didn’t know it! Crazy to think 8 years ago right now we were in Hawaii sans any kids, staying in one of the nicest hotels you can find and living the good life.

pat: And now look at us…

me: Do you remember how mad I was when you picked me up at the airport? You had flown down earlier to help prep and I had to fly down by myself with my dress as a carry on…

pat: Yeah I remember…

me: I had to walk through that muggy airport all by myself on Oahu with my giant dress looking for my connecting flight…

pat: Yeah I remember…

me: I had to sit in the airport all by myself for hours waiting for the connecting flight to Lanai AND I got on the WRONG plane! They had to run out there and call my name and have me get OFF the plane in front of everyone. So embarrassing.

pat: That must have been before the TSA cared about terrorists.

me: And when I finally landed in Lanai no one was there to pick me up. You had fallen asleep!

pat: Ahem.

me: God I was mad. I mean that was a looong stressful day for me and here you were sleeping! And the worst part was


me: That when you FINALLY pulled up to the airport…

pat: I know!

me: The airport I had been sitting at alone with my giant dress and all my luggage…sweating.

pat: The popsicle, I KNOW!

me: You had the audacity to show up eating. a. popsicle! I mean really, what were you thinking!?!

pat: Ummm that it was hot and I wanted a popsicle?

me: You actually woke up…realized you were WAY late and before leaving you actually stopped at the refrigerator, opened the freezer, grabbed a popsicle, unwrapped the popsicle and enjoyed the popsicle on the way to the airport while I just sat there waiting!! God I was mad at you for that. Here you come pulling up licking your popsicle like a hot damn kid in a candy mart while I sat there baking in the sun with my wedding dress, looking completely out of place.

pat: Nah…I’m related to everyone on the island. They knew who you were.

me: Yeah they were probably all laughing at the angry white girl on the corner. They saw you pull up with that damn popsicle and KNEW you were going to get it.

pat: Kat?

me: Hmm?

pat: Happy Anniversary.

me: Happy Anniversary Pat.


Reasons I Love My Husband:

1.)He brings me warm bottles to give to the baby in the middle of the night when I am cussing him out in my head.

2.)He ignores my juvenile behavior and patiently waits for me to get over myself and discuss our finances like an adult.

3.)He sits back until I give him the “look” and then he swoops in and rescues me from a sure death of toddler suffocation.

4.)He sat at the door of the operating room, after I was rushed in following an emergency c-section, waiting for word of my condition…for six hours.

5.)He drives 45 minutes out of his way to go get me sushi on Friday night because I’m hungry and moody and tired and he wants me to be happy.

6.)He says things like, “Kat. Who are the most important people in your life? We are all here. We all love you. We’re not going anywhere. Just remember that.” and makes me feel better when things start getting to me.

7.)He takes time away from HIS job and comes home on a moments notice to help ME with MY job.

8.) When I’ve had a tough day with the kids he lets me talk it out until I run out of gas and then suggests we send them to a different daycare.

9.) He wears my pink polk-a-dotted apron without so much as a blink when I want to take a picture of him for The Blog.

10.)He will never leave me for Kathy Lee Gifford because he thinks she’s outdated and fears for his life.

11.) He supports my shopping habit and watches the children as I single handedly delay our family’s future for a few cute tops…ok a lot of cute tops…and some shoes…maybe a clutch.

12.) He’s one of those smarty pants people who is not on the up and up with hidden messages and does not care about superficial stuff…including the condition of my hair, windblown or not.

13.)He doesn’t take sides when I tell him to whack our son for an entire day of horrid behavior but instead delicately puts his hand on our baby boy’s head and turns to me to say, “My God Kat, he’s burning up!!” and then asks me to fetch the motrin.

14.) He knows that you can’t go putting the alpha male of this house in the runner up carseat, hence demoting him to an inferior position in his own domain.

#15. He buys me stuff to keep me from breaking his stuff.

16.) He writes me poems telling me he doesn’t want any more babies, but at least he’s being nice about it.

17.) He reminds me of our anniversary when our anniversary is nearly over and doesn’t hate me for forgetting even though I kind of hate him a little for not bringing me diamonds when he was the one who remembered.


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    I have to say that I would never let him live that popsicle down.

    Like when my darling husband insisted he needed to take a shower before driving me to the hospital to have our first baby b/c it’s not like I was going to have the baby right that second. Um, yeah. Fully dialated when we got there.

    • says

      @Shell, One of my good friends did that to HIS wife too! Swung through the post office on the way to the hospital…he didn’t take her seriously when she was in labor.

      Men can be such doofs.

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    Happy Anniversary Pat and Kat.

    My DH bought some dog tags one with Younglings name and D.O.B on it and one with my name and a date on it. That’s not my birthday I said to him. No he replied it’s our anniversary date. I felt so stupid. Bless him. Enjoy your belated celebrations. xx

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    Happy anniversary!

    Last night, my hubby and I were in the kitchen and I said “Hey, do you know what tomorrow is?” He was all clueless. His eyes even turned up to the corners and you could tell he was really thinking. I told him to think hard. *crickets*

    Finally I said, “Tomorrow is December 1st. Ring any bells?”


    My husband proposed to me on December 1, 2001. He chose December 1st because he said it would be easy to remember December 1st and that he would never forget that day.

    When I reminded him of that fact, he said, “I guess it didn’t work.” No kidding, huh?

    • says

      @Kmama, Haha! I love that…so something I would do. Kind of like “I’ll put this special item somewhere SAFE” and then I’m never able to find it again.

      Some people are just…special. :)

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    I love number 9 & 11 – made me laugh out loud. I need to head to those posts. It was also neat knowing exactly where you were in your Hawaii travel story. I already miss it there so much… place like it. Today, it’s raining and we have a tornado warning…boo!

    Happy Anniversary!

    • says

      @Nicole@MTDLBlog, Yeah you have a huge adjustment to make! I don’t know how people go from living somewhere like Hawaii to somewhere much colder and not as pretty. :) I’d like to say I feel sorry for you…but I don’t. DUDE! You got to live in Hawaii!!

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    Awesome. I can relate to almost every one of those. (just for the record I originally just tried to say awesome as my comment because I thought that said it all, but got an ERROR saying my comment was too short. )

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    Love your post-you guys seem like a hoot! We would totally hang in real life! Our anniversary is on the 4th..but our wedding was in the snow! Hawaii would have been way more awesome! Happy anniversary…I don’t ever get gifts either, gosh darn it!! Love your reasons….all very true to life!!

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    LOL Great list! I forgot our anniversary once. I felt awful because he totally remembered and even brought me jewelry. And all I could do was cry at him that I totally forgot. We just celebrated 13 years last week! It goes by so fast!

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    Happy anniversary! My huz & I have been married for 8 years now also. We made a pact a few years ago to exchange cards, nothing more. So I have a big ol’ stash of anniversary cards in my desk. As for huz, he keeps buying me the same card over and over.
    Think I’m gonna plan something big (more than a card) for our 10th anniversary. How bout you?

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    I have forgot my anniversary four times over the course of my relationship. I guess it’s because the day doesn’t have the biggest emphasis on my life.

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    careful -with all that good stuff he’s gonna have plenty of your readers in love with him :)

    we just celebrated 17 years last month – no strike that – it’s December now isn’t it. crap! I usually put our anniversary on the calendar so that everyone remembers… the kids are in on it now and ask constantly what the plans are.

    I don’t tell them ALL the plans of course :)

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    haha…that’s awesome! You two reminded me of the Seinfeld episode where Elaines boyfriend gets hit by a car while she waits for him at the movies & when they tell her, she still decides to stop by the counter & buy some Jujyfruits lol. Hilarious stuff!

    Happy anniversary!

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      @Lin, I miss Seinfeld…didn’t start watching it until the last couple seasons, so I don’t know all the episodes. :( But that sounds like a good one!!

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    Awwww… Happy Anniversary!
    You forgot the most important reason- that he is a local Hawaiian boy, which means he is filled with love, is super chill, knows good food, and has incredible taste in spouses.
    I should know- I’m a Hawaii girl myself. ;)

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    We have two anniversaries: the day we started dating, and our wedding day. We both forget the first one and the 6 month anniversary of the second one this year. We’re pitiful.

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    What a great story to have. Everyone has to have a crazy wedding story. We do too.
    I love your list. Looks like you guys are great together. Congrats!!

  15. says

    Wow, what a tribute to Pat! Maybe he should reciprocate – for your anniversary :-) Loved it and hope you ended up having a wonderful Anniversary. I like Pat from what you’ve described!

  16. says

    aww! I loved that. :) Happy belated Anniversary Kat! He sounds like an awesome husband. :) And you two sound like a cute couple. lol :)

  17. says

    “Umm…that I was hot and I wanted a popsicle?”

    Marriage made in heaven you two! Good thing I came and got caught up. You’re a lucky girl, Mama Kat. (And Pat’s pretty lucky too!!)