A Smile On Her Face

When I was nine you told me you wanted a kayak for your birthday.

I really really REALLY wanted to get one for you.

Because even though I had just met you, I really really REALLY liked you.

You were playful and funny and caring and we missed having that around.


I asked my Mom if we could get you the kayak and she laughed in my face.

Something about a kayak being a bit pricey for a birthday gift for a friend.

The Lake

What does she know?

I asked her if she would marry you so that you could be our Dad.

Because you were playful and funny and caring and we missed having that around.

She laughed in my face.

Something about “just being friends” and “that’s absurd” and “you’re out of your mind Kathy.”

Fifteen years later she said I Do.


What does she know?

Thank you for putting a smile on my mother’s face.

Papa B and Mom

Happy Birthday.

And sorry. No kayak this year…turns out she was right about that.



  1. says

    Fabulous tribute. Can I get you to write one for my Dad?

    Buy the guy a kayak already. Or a canoe. They hold more people.

    • says

      He’s got a canoe! :) So we’re good. And yes, I’ll write one for your Dad.

      Big bad awesome Dad.
      Thank you for being rad.
      You take care of me when I am sad.
      I am glad
      You’re my big bad awesome Dad.

      That’ll be 50 bucks.

  2. says

    Kids are amazing judges of character. (oops- saw someone else already said that, but it can never be said enough!) Beautiful post.

  3. says

    Awww….what a sweet, yet simple little story! I love this!

    Happy Birthday to your mom’s man :o) Wouldn’t it be cool if we all pitched in for you, like a dollar so that you could get that kayak for him?! Just an idea. Maybe you can blog about it….then I can take the credit for it..lol!!! Ooooh, I think I just may of had a Mama Kat moment!!

  4. says

    What a sweet story. I’m so glad your mom found happiness. Wishing them many, many joyful years together.

  5. says

    So simple – yet so beautiful!
    I love smiles before I fall off to sleep to prepare for another day with my special learners!
    Thank you!

  6. Papa B says

    YES YES YES!!!!!!!! I love the suggestion of everyone chipping in and buying ME the kayak…Actually, I’m the fortunate one here – to have found such a wonderful, loving family AND a lovely step daughter (Kat) to chronicle it all. Your mom said I can’t say this brought me to tears as I’d sound like a WOOOS…so…This really moved me.

  7. says

    Awww, just reading this now and it is so sweet, my husband is step-dad to my oldest and I can only hope she loves him this much. And what a sweet comment from “Papa B”.