Let Me Tell You A Little Bit About Me

Some things you need to know about me in case you ever decide to show up at my doorstep. Which…is something you really shouldn’t do unless invited…I might make that face I’m not a fan of and we don’t want that.

Cooked carrots make me vomit.

I’m not a fan of feet over the age of three.

About three fourths of my wardrobe exist only because I buy what I see my sister wear to family dinners.

about me

My sister gives me dirty looks at family dinners.

My three year old refuses to sleep in his own bed because he likes to “snuggle wit me” and I’m warm.

I only pretend to care that my three year old won’t sleep in his own bed.

My cousin told me Jesus could hear everything I was thinking, so in fourth grade I said eff it and started swearing out loud.

Rosary in hand, I’d apologize every night for my naughty cuss words…that way if I were to die in my sleep I’d still go to heaven.

Want some more fun facts about me? Watch on my friends:

(Video here.)



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      I do the daycare from 7am to 6pm everyday. I’ve got a handful of kids I scurry off to school every morning about four with me for the rest of the day. This is as quiet as it’s ever been and I LOVE it!

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        Oh, that’s me with Oyster Crackers! I was about 5 and threw them back up into my b0wl & started sobbing that my mother would make me eat them, which of course she thought was very funny that I in my feverish state would think she would be so diabolical (she is that diabolical, btw) as to feed them back to me. She didn’t but I can’t look at Oyster Crackers ever since without getting sick to my stomach. Ewwww… The cooked carrots have to be cooked a very particular way including sugar and cream and stuff or I just can’t do it.

  1. Kandice says

    Me thinks mamakat likes the vlog :D You have my admiration for the at home day care thing… I have one 12 y/o and 1 2 y/o and I am COUNTING the days till preschool where he will be w/ ppl who like kids. ;) I like mine.. in small, clean, happy doeses. HA you’d think I was one of those rich (have a nanny types)!! lol More vlog.. more vlog!! I love MAMAKAT! :D

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      Yes! I am the world’s worst plunger and the toilet had gotten clogged…I guess he had been waiting to use it for awhile.

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    My 3 year old snuggles with me because he says I’m warm… I just pretend to have slept through the 1am arrivals in our bed and keep him with me all night. How much longer will my warmth be enough? Not much.

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    you totally crack me up. i think you better watch your back. i saw a little one ready to steal the spotlight! :)

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    I love your vlogs they crack me up. When you did the one of you singing in the car my boys were telling me that I do the same thing.. ok I do lol.. complete with dance moves..How do mice get mange?Do I want to know??
    Lmbo @ the potty thing sounds like something my boys would say but not cause it’s clogged simply because it is the BOYS potty need I say more..

  5. says

    Great vlog! I hope you keep it up! I’m blogging and vlogging too! Anyway, I love your blog! Makes me feel sane to know someone else has similar feelings/thoughts! haha!

  6. says

    Your vlogs are by far the most entertaining ones to watch! I used to teach too and now I enjoy staying home with my daughter! The outtakes on this vlog are hilarious! You are not boring, BTW!

  7. says

    You are so awesome and I will add these things to the things that I already know about you so that someday, my stalker book on Mama Kat will be complete.

  8. says

    You are “effing” (your word) HILARIOUS! ( I read about GRANDPA and the all caps thing too by the way).
    I give this Vlog a big WOOT – and trust me, it works here :-)

  9. says

    Mama Kat, you just made me smile.
    You also made me watch a vlog and LIKE IT – I have never been a fan of vlogging.
    But you may be curing me of that.
    I am even considering doing a little vlog for my About Me page. Just so you can hear my accent.
    So once I think of some stuff to say… I’ll let you know OK?

  10. says

    I love your vlogs (and your blogs). And yeah, cooked carrots – ewwwwww.
    And really? Jesus hears our thoughts?!?! Then I better just start saying what I’m thinking out loud – especially to the people that irritate me beyond belief.

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    I’m sorry…..did you say that you didn’t have an addiction? Wait let me go back and re-see this and see if that is what you said…..

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    Your vlogs are great fun. Goes without saying your son is cute. The reason I am commenting is far more important. I needed to tell you I love your hair, it always looks lovely. There I said it. As you were.

  13. says

    Loved this…so interesting to find out more about you!!!
    Plus your son is seriously cute!

    I think I need to start vlogging. It looks like fun!

  14. says

    Oh yeah, sleeping with the rosary, begging for forgiveness? Been there, done that. :) Prolly doing it tonight!

  15. says

    You crazy! And I love it. Love “the face” too. One of these days I’ll have to do me one of these Vloggy things. Just discovered you and your pretty much world famous writing prompts – linking up for the first time… tomorrow!! Yay!

  16. Carri says

    I LIVE to make fun of people. And now that I can vlog about it? So perfect for me… because I’m usually too lazy to even type.

  17. says

    I am exactly the same way with feet. I thought you were either a foot person or you weren’t but I suppose that is just the love/hate relationship I have with my own feet.