Writer’s Workshop: Things I Love About You

Today is Laina’s sixth birthday. Six years ago at the time I sit here writing this, I felt my first contractions. I called my sister over to take care of Maile and the daycare while Pat and I scurried off to the hospital. Things did not go quite as planned that day. There was a lot of pushing and not so much birthing. Laina was delivered with a giant bruise across her forehead via c-section and I wasn’t doing so hot myself.

Six years later I have a girl sleeping soundly in her bed who hasn’t stopped talking about her birthday coming for the past 30 days. She’s written a list of things we’ll need for her party that includes “dickerations” and “banana bread”.  I’m going to give this girl a party worth looking forward to. I couldn’t be happier with the person she’s become since those first tumultuous days in the hospital together…but I’m thinking we’ll save the “dickerations” for a different party altogether…one that I will hopefully be permitted to miss.

For my special girl on her special day, here are ten things I love about my Lollipop.

5.) List ten favorite things about one of your favorite people.

  1. A spirit that is happy and free and comforting.
  2. Purple houses and big dreams.
  3. 10 Things I Love About You

  4. A nurturing love for all things small and furry.
  5. 10 Things I Love About You

  6. Kisses thrown at me through the window of your school bus.
  7. 10 Things I Love About You

  8. Hair as wild and untamed as your playful nature.
  9. 10 Things I Love About You

  10. A friend willing to play with anyone willing to play.
  11. 10 Things I Love About You

  12. Knobby kneed and skin and bones, your tiny heart loves big.
  13. 10 Things I Love About You

  14. Goofy and fun, you make your sister laugh.
  15. 10 Things I Love About You

  16. I am better because you are mine.
  17. 10 Things I Love About You

  18. Just six years old and such a sweet little soul, there’s not one thing I don’t love about you.
  19. 10 Things I Love About You

Now it’s your turn!

Mama's Losin' It

Choose a prompt, post it on your blog, and come back to add your name to the link list below. Be sure to sign up with the actual post URL and not just your basic blog URL (click on the title of your post for that URL). For good comment karma try to comment on the three blogs above your name!!

The Prompts:

1.) What was your big dream for yourself when you were 18 and had graduated from high school?
2.) Write about a time when jealousy got the best of you.
3.) Write a poem about the last person you spoke to on the phone, based on the conversation you had.
4.) Describe a food you abhor.
5.) List ten favorite things about one of your favorite people.


  1. says

    Lovely lovely girl :) Happy Birthday. My daughter is six. Funtimes :)
    ♥ those photos too.
    I’ve linked up – My post is called “Ode to Brussels Sprouts” – but it doesn’t show up properly on the linky; never mind.
    Of course given the title, my prompt is “describe 10 things about someone you love”… no really; its a food I abhor. Hope you like it.
    (I’ve enjoyed wirintg/lining up for the first time ever :)

  2. says

    Ahhh should have checked my spelling. Of course I am not LINING UP. This is not school. And as for wirtntg! What the heck?? My typing is BAD. But my spelling is USUALLY good. x

  3. says

    Laina sounds like a beautiful dream! Knocked knees and kisses blown to you from the bus. Could life be any sweeter than that? I have my little bundle of 8 year old love here at home. I want to bottle up that little girl love and stop them from growing up so fast. Enjoy your lovely lollipop and wish her the sweetest Birthday ever!

  4. says

    Happy birthday to your daughter. My son was also born via c-section, 21 years and eleven days ago, and conditions were far from ideal. I had toxemia, and I had food poisoning from a microbe called campylobacter. It actually turned out to be a stroke of luck that my blood pressure went waaay up and the OB decided that I needed to be induced. It was 2 weeks before my due date. I ended up in screaming agony with non-progressive labor and had to have an emergency c-section–which was fortunate because not long after I recovered from anesthesia I started having diarrhea from hell. If my son had been exposed to the campylobacter, it probably would have killed him. It even drained the living hell out of me, an Amazon of a woman who weighed around 200 pounds at the time. I don’t think I’ve ever felt so horrible, but I would knowingly endure it again for him.

  5. says

    Laina is so cute in these pictures! I’m sure she is your pride and joy! Such a nice post about her. Hope she reads it! It will make her feel so good. Happy Birthday, Laina!!!!!

  6. says

    Happy Birthday to your lovely Laina! What a beauty!

    My very first time linking-up but, like a few others, ol’ Linky wouldn’t let me squeeze in more than 20 letters about Food I Abhor; “Yuck” might have sufficed now that I think of it, lol

    Have a wonderful day everyone. Can’t wait to read some great posts!

  7. says

    Happy Birthday Laina.. She is beautiful and I hope you make a copy of this for her to look back on and cherish mama

  8. says

    Happy Birthday to that gorgeous little girl! What a beautiful tribute to the amazing and extraordinary girl she’s becoming :)

  9. Suzie says

    So sweet! I can’t wait until my daughter is old enough to have little snippets of her like that. Happy birthday to your little girl!

  10. says

    Very sweet and wodnerful pictures. Have a happy birthday–and I used to know how to say this in Hawaiian, sorry! BTW, whatever was making me see double/shadowed script is now gone! Yeah!

  11. says

    What a very special time for both of you! Mine are “all grown up,” but I still remember when each came into this world with special fondness. Enjoy your time together. They grow up FAST!!

  12. Clare says

    Happy Birthday! 6 is such a wonderful age, when lifelong memories are being built everyday. Hope she has a birthday to cherish forever.

  13. says

    So sweet!! I love this side of your writing…usually you crack me up with your hilarity!!
    The kisses out the school bus window is my favorite!

  14. says

    Sweet post for your daughter! I just always knew I’d have a daughter, but I didn’t. But my son and I couldn’t possibly be any closer, though!

  15. says

    Tender and Thoughtful and Terrific! I’m in a nostalgic spot right now ~ my daughter’s getting married in 5 months ~ I know it’s said a lot…but enjoy every minute!!

  16. says

    Happy Birthday to a beautiful girl! She looks just like you, adorable!! And I love love love that she blows you kisses through the school bus window, you are lucky!

  17. says

    OMG, what an amazing letter to her and the pictures, my heart just burst right open at that smile. You have a beautiful soul in your midst, lucky mommy.

    Plus she likes “dickerations” and she loves her birthday, a girl after my own heart….seriously.

    Happy Birthday from all your INTERNET AUNTIES sweeties, thanks for being YOU. xo

  18. says

    Happy Birthday to such a beautiful little girl! what a sweet birthday gift you’ve given her with this tribute!

  19. says

    Happy Birthday to her! And thanks for the writing prompts – this is my very first week participating. Had a lot of fun with it. :-)

  20. says

    So sweet. It’s hard to believe how fast they grow isn’t it? I love that last part you wrote… about there is nothing about her that you DON’T love. Beautifully written. Hope she has a fantastic birthday!!

  21. says

    Happy Birthday Laina! Such a sweet way to honor her. :> We’re celebrating a wee one’s bday here too and I can’t believe how fast they grow. Yes, I admit it, I’m a walking cliche today!

  22. says

    Happy bday! This is bday season here as my girls we be 7 and 5 in just a few months. Agh! Love the pictures and so glad I jumped in on this writing workshop .)

  23. says

    Happy 6th Birthday Laina! Sending you lots of hugs and smiles for your special day. Your mom wrote a beautiful tribute to you… cherish it. :-)

  24. Muffy says

    Such a sweet post & beautiful photos! I love to think about the time-capsule aspect of blogs… Your daughter is going to love revisiting this (like many of your posts) over and over. Happy birthday to her!

  25. says

    Happy Belated Birthday Laina! How wonderful of your mom to create a special blog post; just for your day… Enjoy! :-)

  26. says

    Hold on. Laina is six??? Did she just skip 4 and 5? That is amazing. Those photos are amazing. I adore Laina and her purple house. Hope it is still full of playful puppies. Happy (belated) birthday, Laina!