Happy Birthday Kainoa

I feel like just yesterday I was showing off my brand new baby and recounting the story of his birth and writing about how when I was pregnant with him I really wanted him to be a girl and then finally celebrating our goodbye to the terrible twos as he turned three years old.

Tomorrow I get the privilege of watching my boy make the leap from three to four.

This isn’t going to be a post about how I can’t believe how big he’s getting or how I miss having a baby in the house. It’s simply a congratulations.

To me.

For surviving him.

Yesterday I found¬† adult scissors and a gaggle of candy wrappers hidden in a corner in the living room. The day before that my husband found our pet mice running free in the bedroom…Kainoa the Liberator.

My child cannot concern himself with rules and/or expectations.

He is intent only on finding the joy in everything he does. I have not seen a three year old captivate an audience of six and seven year olds the way my son does with his sisters. He leaves them in stitches of laughter daily.

You’re four years old now Kainoa.

You are beautiful and bright and sweet and intelligent and if the planet was filled with only four year old boys you would be the best one.

You are bigger and faster than nearly all of your cousins.

By my assessment you should be dunking the basketball in approximately four more years.

Keep up the good work son…and hey…leave my candy stashes ALONE!


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    I had/have a boy like that. He sat on the roof at age two – by unlocking the window, popping out the screen and the window guard. He wanted to get some fresh air was his explanation.

    He’s now 11 and still high energy, but his passions are now channelled into sports sports sports. He is, all humility aside, an awesome athlete and team player…

    And yes, if the world were populated with just 11 year old boys he would be the best!

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    There is NOTHING in the world like a boy. Nothing. No one will love you, their mother, more. No one will make your heart skip a beat just looking into their beautiful eyes.

    No one will give you more heartburn and literal SHOCKS as a boy either. Dear God, did he just do THAT? Crap. Literally.

    “No!” “Stop!” “Don’t Touch” all become the vocabulary when a boy is in your house.

    I’m saving now for emergency room visits. Mine is only four and we’ve already had two visits. College, shmollege. He’ll be a friggin doctor by the time he is ready to go to college just in experience alone. ;) Happy birthday MOM. You survived Four whole years.

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      Lucky for us he hasn’t taken us to the emergency room yet…but I’ll start saving just in case. :) Thanks for the sound advice!!

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    Congrats on making it to 4! My son turned 4 in March and he’s my oldest so I have no idea what to expect next, its been pretty good so far so I’m anticipating that I’m going to have to pay for that eventually.

    And here a card for your victory on not getting pregnant again per your tweet =) http://some.ly/obKiZw

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    That’s definitely worth celebrating! Well done surviving FOUR whole trips around the sun with a BOY in your abode! My 3 boys are wild… and sweet… and I wouldn’t trade ’em for the world… except for when they’re getting into my candy stash!
    Happy birthday Mama!

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    Oh I so know the feeling. Amelia just passed two and I’m already patting myself on the back for the both of us having survived this far.

    Happy Birthday to your youngest…may he always be your youngest :)

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    “He is intent only on finding the joy in everything he does.”
    A good lesson for us all ;)
    You’re obviously doing more than a little something right, so go have a cocktail and celebrate!

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    Happy Birthday! …and congratulations to you for surviving! It’s amazing how a little bundle of joy brings happiness, fun and a wee bit of chaos!

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    Man, I am counting the days til my 3 year old turns 4. The terrible 2’s have nothing on the 3’s, jesus I’m lucky I’m not drinking at noon everyday. Only Tuesdays.