Free Printables: LunchBox Notes = Love

I love it when crafty sites provide free printables. In this case anything I can stick in my kids lunch that says “You’re Awesome” and that doesn’t require any actual effort on my part is a real winner.

I thought the printables above, from Buttoned Up were adorable and immediately emailed team member Hollie to see if she’d mind me making a few “alterations” to them.

I wanted to personalize my true feelings on the notes without getting sued for it.

Luckily the women who run that show have a great sense of humor. These are the notes I’ll be putting in my kids lunches.

Of course you can download those free Buttoned Up printables here…mine will cost you 50 bucks per download. Because I’d like to start putting food in the kids’ lunches as well.


  1. says

    When I first starting reading this post, it made stop and question whether I would EVER put a cute note in my kids lunchbox (a nice idea, but not really my M.O.). I even started to feel a little bit bad about myself, like the words “I suck!” kept running through my mind. THEN, I got to the part where you edited the cards, and I LOVED them! I burst out laughing (and accidentally spit coffee on my monitor—thanks!). You are too funny—thanks for being my first laugh of the day!

  2. says

    I wonder if my husband would be humiliated to get these in his lunch at school and/or work? Will let you know… :)

  3. Sue says

    I used to try all those notes and different shaped sandwiches when my son was young. It elicited a lot of eye rolling and a whiny “Stop doing that”. I think that he actually may have liked your version.

  4. says

    I think I like yours much better.

    Great idea on these, I usually scribble my notes on the napkin I put inside the lunch, then wonder why my daughter has ink on her face when she comes home. Whooops.

  5. says

    The second set is MUCH better than the first. I need notes that say things like, “See if your teacher will take a personal check” or “Don’t forget to flash those dimples! Getting by on looks is HARD work!” or “Boogers aren’t lunch”. I ‘m sure I can come up with more.

  6. Kisatrtle says

    I am loving your version! Where are the middle school ones? With a new 7th grader i need ones that say. Your hair looks fine. They’re just jealous. Someday you’ll be their boss. It’s all good. As your reading this, i am so thankful i am not in middle school

  7. says

    Okay, so I don’t have a child in school yet to use these WONDERFUL notes, but I scrapbook and am so grateful you have introduced me to this wonderful website. It has given me some tools that I think are going to help me get through the days as a first time mom and get back into my new normal [after 14 months :) Hahahaha]

  8. says

    Such a super cute idea!! love it!

    I sometimes leave written notes in my daughter’s lunch. My mom used to do that for me and I loved it! Such a sweet idea for children. Let’s them feel special!

  9. says

    So cute. Where were you when my son went to kindergarten ;) His teacher would have gotten a kick out of those lunch time notes.