Writer’s Workshop: The Snipe Hunt


2.) A time you were tricked.

I didn’t believe in killing animals but Bob promised we wouldn’t be hurting them. He was an avid hunter so it makes sense that I wouldn’t trust him completely.

“No I mean it! It’s a family tradition!”

I had never heard of a Snipe before. Bob described it as a bird-like critter and I envisioned a cross between a quail and a penguin. The mystery behind the hunt and the possibility of maybe catching the strange animal did have an appeal to me. The whole family seemed to be looking forward to it.

“You guys ready for the Snipe hunt!?!”

“Who needs a bag?”

“I’ve got flashlights!! Anyone need a flashlight??”

The skepticism I had was fading as it got darker. You can only Snipe hunt in the dark. That’s when they come out.

“Okay we need a group of chasers and a group of catchers! If you’ve caught before than you need to chase this time…let’s go ahead and break up!”

The chasers went to one end of the field and us catchers stayed behind with our paper bags and flashlights. When you shine your flashlight through the end of the paper bag the frightened Snipes (chased by the chasers) run towards the light and BAM! You close your paper bag.

Snipe caught.

So the time came.

We tip toed out into the wide open field. Pitch black dark, shining stars, whispers and excitement. We were ready! Everyone got into position and then we heard it…Bob made the call to run and the chasers ran and yelled and banged sticks. I waited readily with the bag, nerves pounding, the chasers getting closer…oh my gosh what am I going to do with BIRD!?!

The birds hit the bags, but mine tore right through the other side. The only thing I had to show for the Snipe hunt was a giant hole through the bottom of my bag. I looked around to see if anyone had gotten lucky, but all I found were a whole lot of giggling experienced campers.

No one caught a Snipe that day.


Now it’s your turn!

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The Prompts:

1.) Capture what it’s like to spend a day or a moment talking with your kiddo. (inspired by Big Mama Cass)
2.) A time you were tricked.
3.) An ordinary day told by photos. (inspired by Baby Rabies)
4.) I wish I could…
5.) What is the one ‘vice’ you can’t give up? (inspired by Mommalogues)


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    Well…I have to admit that as a teenager in Texas, this was our favorite “humiliate the Yankee” pasttime! The first time I brought my New Yorker husband to my best friend’s ranch, my old friends all desperately wanted to take him snipe hunting, but I just HAD to save the poor man, or I knew he’d never forgive me!

  2. says

    So funny! I grew up in Wyoming and we loved to take the new out-of-state move ins snipe hunting. It made for great entertainment!

    • says

      It might be a good way to bond with new neighbors too! I might just have to try it with our next new neighbors. Who says you can’t snipe hunt in the suburbs??

  3. says

    Yes… The ole Trick A City Slicker…. Snipe hunting. Teehee makes me giggle thinking about you out there with a bag. Do glad you survived thd hunting trip *ahem*

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    This reminds me of the story my in-laws tell about my husband. The adults sent the kids on a snipe hunt and everyone but Craig (my husband) came back empty handed. Craig was so proud of himself when he got back to camp and showed off what was in his bag: a live raccoon. REALLY? A raccoon? That night was the last time his parents sent him snipe hunting.

  5. says

    Well hell, I feel tricked! It took me a minute to even figure out the trick so I can only imagine myself in that moment completely dumbfounded. At least now I can giggle w/the rest of y’all.

  6. says

    Intriguing prompt. OK, OK, I admit to being the kid tricked into a snipe hunt. OK? (Ohhhhh, I feel that twitch in my eyelids coming back! Nooooo!!!!!)

  7. says

    When I was in JR HIGH, we went on a nauga hunt! So as to make Nauga Hide! Yep no naugas…. But the teachers thought they were hilarious!

  8. says

    Lol. I would have fallen for it too. When I moved to Minnesota my husband told me about pheasants. I thought they were made up, but they actually are real =)

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    When I was a kid we would go to girls camp every year for church, when I was a youth leader my little sister was a first year, and she just so happend to be in my group, a long with her best friend. Me and the other leaders decided that since we knew most of these girls we were not going to take it easy. (They were also quite possible the most dramatic girls in the entire camp).
    To catch snipes it is helpful to dab some toothpaste on your face an arms because the smell attracts them. My girls were dedicated, and applied full facials and sleeves of toothpaste (have fun washing that off with no hot water). Anyways log story short (I don’t really remember the details) but it ends with my sisters friend getting “bit”, plenty of screaming, and few tears. (Did I mention these girls were dramatic?)
    Youth Leaders: 1 Weenies:0

  10. says

    Ahh the elusive snipe.. does it give you any relief knowing it is an animal hunted on every first time camper. Ok well not everyone cause I grew up with hunters and guns and knew the crap behind the fun.. but it sure was fun fooling some who didn’t.

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    Hi Mama Kat! For quite a while now, I’ve been noticing quite a few of my blog buddies participating in the Writer’s Workshop every week, so I finally decided to pop over and join in on the fun. Love the concept and I’m looking forward to my first workshop this coming week!

    Also newly following on FB, Twitter and through RSS. See you on Thursday!

    Mary at Spilled On The Kitchen Table

  12. says

    Crap. I thought this story was going to make me feel better about the time I was talked into going rabbit hunting by my EX fiance. I confess….I shot a rabbit and really just wounded it and it screamed (yes screamed) for about 2 min before it died. Your story was much funnier than murdering baby bunnies.

  13. says

    I laughed out loud — great story! This is my first time participating in the prompt — I see it ‘talked’ about all over twitter and fb. I am so glad I stopped by… a good laugh just what I need before tucking the little ones in.

  14. Jean Summers says

    Kat – When I first read this I didn’t read the title, I just started reading. When I saw it was about dad and hunting, I cringed and wondered where you were going to go with it. Then I read “I had never heard of a snipe” and laughed out loud! Dad was a MASTER!!! If it helps, he also got my 20-something-year-old future sister-in-law. He managed to sneak a large stuffed animal into her bag and made it wiggle by touching the bottom of the bag. Her reaction was classic!!! If you haven’t heard your mom’s story about how he got her with the “smoke changer”, it is worth asking about! Thanks for the GREAT MEMORIES!!!