Cabin Fever

Ever notice how the birds disappear when it rains?

They’re so happy and flappy and chirpy when the sun is out…flying around, building their nests, waking us up at FIVE IN THE MORNING.


But when it rains they stay in their little homes and wait it out.

It shuts them right up.

Cabin Fever

I can’t help but wonder if on the rainy days the Mom birds are sitting with a nest of babies just thinking, “OMG shut UP! Stop squirming and moving and chirping and just be QUIET ALREADY!”


Do they get cabin fever like we do?

Talk amongst yourselves.


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      Kind of like how I throw suckers at my kids…’maybe this will quiet them down!’

      Maybe I need a nest where I can just sit on them all day and force them to sleep?

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    Have you noticed that birds are chirp chirp chirpin’ away IN THE MIDDLE OF THE DAMN NIGHT? When I get up at 5 I’m used to it, but if the boy should wake at 3 or I have to let out more of the vodka at 2, why are the birds just a singin’ along like it’s 2 p.m.? And no, I don’t think they get cabin fever. I think they just peck the hell out of each other like our kids hitting each other. They stay to make mama bird question her sanity.

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      I was going to say, “what are you doing up in the middle of the night” but then I got to the vodka part and was all ‘oh yes of course’.

      This begs to ask a bigger question:


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    I love hearing the birds (even tho you’re right – they’re LOUD!) in the morning. In particular, I love to hear the Western Meadowlarks. Their song sounds like “I’m gonna tell the teacher on you!” -sort of sing-song-y.

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    My kids get so mad at me when I knock down the birds nest under our top deck. Those mama birds worked so hard on it…I know, but I hate baby birds just outside my room! How can something so little be so loud!?