Writer’s Workshop: Love Your Job

5.) What do you love most about your job

Last week I got to fly to Colorado to visit Team BlogFrog because I work for them part time and every once in awhile they like to see my face and make sure I’m real. I sat at a real life desk in front of a real life computer for two WHOLE days!

I’ll admit, working from home for the last eight years I have found myself day dreaming of an office job on occasion. What would it be like to have purpose and camaraderie within a company? How lovely would it be to sit at a desk and work without toddlers begging for Cheetos!?!

blogfrog office

So I got to do it!

And it was fun!

And it was exhausting.

The team I work with is hilarious and outgoing and the trip totally wore me out. I believe I’ve underestimated how hard staying that focused in an office all day can be.

@theblogfrog is at a meeting while I enjoy my lunch.

I know that picture doesn’t really capture me working as hard as I felt I was working, but I swear I did work.

It became very clear to me why I reached into the computer and found blogging so addictive back when I started. It really WAS the adult conversation and connection I was looking for, and you know what? When you work in an office with people every day who meet those needs for you…you don’t really crave that online space and connection anymore.


I know this now because after spending my days distracting everyone at BlogFrog from working AND keeping them out late to drink wine with me, I had zero interest in jumping on Twitter to see what people were up to online. My tank was full. I was all yapped out. I had nothing left to add. My craving for adult interaction can be filled in this space online and at home OR with a company in an office…but not both. I could never hang.

What do I love most about my job?

I love that I have one!

Whether it be the daycare or my blog or BlogFrog, I’m just so glad there are people on this planet who trust that I can get a job done well while wearing slippers in my kitchen.



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The Prompts:

1.) If you had one day to eat anything you want and not gain a single ounce what would it be? (inspired by The Coffee Pot Chronicles)

2.) Has Spring sprung? Post a photo journal of what Spring is looking like in your neck of the woods!

3.) List the top 10 things you miss about being alone. (Inspired by The Little Hen House)

4.) Where would your “north star” lead you if you had the means to follow it? (Inspired by Achieving Clarity)

5.) What do you love most about your job?


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    You got to go to BlogFrog!! A little envious!! That’s very cool. And you make some good points. For me, it’s a little different. I’m at a “low” with satisfaction with my day job (where I sit at a computer all day and am with a group of people) so the keyboard and the online community are helping me stay sane. Even though it involves being back on a computer, I interact with them nightly / daily to reassure myself that I am fun and possibly even a little competent. :-)

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      Yes, it was so much fun! Those BlogFroggers are good people! :)

      I think you make a good point…if you have low satisfaction at your job I can definitely see the desire to have that fulfilled online. I can also see why so many people choose to go completely anonymous. Facing the office the morning after you make a Whitney Houston video where you’re donning a wig and camo might not be how you planned to spend your Monday.

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      I’ve had jobs that I hated and it’s unbelievable how they can just suck the life blood out of a person. I don’t recommend.

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        My hand is raised as a card carrying member of the life bloodless. It is amazing how drained and sore I am in this building and then, bam!, magic at 5:00 when I leave and the neck/back pain disappear THE MINUTE I exit the building.

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    I am very blessed that I have the best of both worlds… I work outside the house for 2 days and stay home the rest of the week.

    Although, I kinda find myself wanting to stay home more day so I think it’s time the kids find work.

    It is their turn.

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      That really is the best of both worlds! I definitely found myself wishing I could do the Colorado thing and see that crew more often. There’s something to be said about real life human connections on a consistent basis…not just a girls night once a quarter.

      And OMG my kids need jobs FOR REAL!

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    What a neat experience! I’m not familiar with BlogFrog (where’ve I been, right?), so I’ll have to check that out.

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      Dianna every time I see your profile picture I feel all warm and fuzzy inside…you look so much like my lovely Aunt Sharon. :)

      BlogFrog is fun! It’s basically a platform where bloggers can build their own forum-like communities and connect over ongoing conversations. They also provide paid opportunities for bloggers to work with brands via paid blog posts etc. It’s a win win for bloggers interested in that side of things.

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    I think that sounds like a fabulous job and by only seeing them every once in a while you don’t get burned out seeing the same faces every day! How exciting!

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    You know, Kat, I think you make a great point. I started blogging after we moved out here to the Boonies. Because we live a ways from town, I really have to make an effort (which I have a standing appointment to do, once a week) to get out and socialize.

    And homeschooling is another aspect of my isolation.

    I think that’s why the blogging thing has taken such deep root in me: because I NEED it.

    I’m not really a high need girl when it comes to socialization in that I don’t need or want it all the time. I love being alone, too. I’d shrivel on the vine if I didn’t have alone time.

    What I need is a balance of the two.

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      Isn’t that interesting? And all this time I thought I started blogging because I love writing. Hmph.

      I totally agree with you too…I actually LIKE being alone and really think a full time office job would stifle a lot of my creativity, but humans need humans. Even us quiet introverts benefit from a little interaction. I wonder how many people succeed at finding that balance…

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      I wish I had taken more pictures of the pretty views there, but it was such a quick trip I just didn’t have time. Next time for sure. :)

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    That is so awesome! I haven’t worked out of the home in a very long time and I wonder if I have the attention span left to do it! It sounds like you have the best of both worlds to me!

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      I think once you’ve had a taste of working from home it would be REALLY hard to take a full time job again outside the home. Does that sound ridiculously spoiled?

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    I think it would be so much fun to work with that team for a day. I don’t think I’d be able to work in that OPEN space. I’d get TOO distracted. TOO easily.

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      That’s funny Angie, one of the things we did while we were there was brainstorm a re-design for the office. The space is fairly new and now they’re getting to re-furnish it. It was great that I got to throw my two cents into the brainstorm when I’m not actually the one who has to be there every day, “Hammocks!!”

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      I think we should brainstorm how they can throw Angie and I into the BlogFrog team so we can fly out to Colorado at the same time as Kat once a quarter so we three can somehow see each other. Because you know, that’s BlogFrog’s priority…to get us together for a regular visit.

      We’d do work too. We’d brainstorm and do Social media campaigns and blogging stuff, while laying in the hammocks. Then we’d reward all of our hard work with ladies night.

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    It sounds like a wonderful work situation! I’ve never had one quite like that…that left me fulfilled enough not to seek out my online friends. Then again, I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up. Maybe someday…

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    Sounds like you got a good thing going! It’s very true about social interactions – if you have a job you enjoy and work with interesting people. That was me only a few years ago, and before I knew about Twitter, blogs etc. No way would I have had much time for that in the evenings. Now? A different story altogether. Home with kids, and I NEED that online interaction, or I would go insane… especially living in a foreign country.

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    I love it now that I regularly have an article that I’m working on — which means a little money coming in every couple of weeks. I love learning about people and new things – and nothing does that better than focusing on a certain person or subject for two weeks. The down side is that since I don’t leave home and I do this “part time” I try to squeeze in “Full time” SAM duties. My husband says I need to get serious about making choices….but it seems like each day I wake up and think I can cram it all in. But I’m very thankful and trying to enjoy this busy time of life.

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    I love BlogFrog. Some of my best opportunities have come through them. I think it is really cool that you work for/with them.

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    Oh, how I miss my big girl job. It would be so awesome to go pee and not have a toddler screaming on the other side of the bathroom door. And drinking wine with grown-ups every night? Heaven. And my Hubs doesn’t understand why I get jealous when he travels for business… Glad you had a great time!

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    You really nailed it on the head when you said… “It really WAS the adult conversation and connection I was looking for” because my office is full of single 20 year olds and I have very little in common with them. So glad I started blogging!

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    Can I just say that I am soooo jealous of your job? Well, not the daycare one. I cannot fathom how you handle putting more kids in the mix. But your blog is bombdiggity and blogfrog looks like a blast. I need to get more involved over there.

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    I have learned through extended time off from work that working from home is so not for me! I honor anyone who is dedicated and disciplined enough to hold to a schedule and actually get things done from home. I need someone guiding my day to a certain degree. Because of the nature of my job I still crave a lot of adult interactions. Blogging is a beautiful outlet for me in that way.

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    I think it was the interaction we were all craving back in the dark ages when we started blogging. For me, finding a great group of friends trumped social media and blogging. I can see how the right work environment and coworkers who “get” you could replace it.

    You’re so right–I had all these notions that I was a *WRITER* who needed an outlet. Really, I think I was just stuck alone with a toddler and desperate for some sort of friendship. But, damn it, I’m still calling myself a writer and dreaming of the day I write something more than a blog post! I’ll probably be 90 and still talking about the book I plan on writing.