Seeing You Naked

I think kids should stop seeing you naked as soon as they start giving you The Awkward Stare:

(video here)

You’ll know it when you see it.

I never felt uncomfortable changing in front of my kids until I noticed them studying my every body part.

They also started pointing and saying “ewwwww!!!” so I guess that’s another red flag. Needless to say I’ve already begun kicking kids out of my room for privacy!

When should your kids no longer see you naked?

And also? Put some clothes on.


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    I think I knew it was time when my son asked a few years ago: “Mom, why is your butt so jiggly?” But The Stare is also a good good clue!

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    I guess it’s different if you only have girls. We never had that issue. I was never really a ‘walk around naked’ kind of mom, but I never hid nudity if it was logical, either. We only ever had a single bathroom when they were growing up – and I was a single working mom, so two teenage girls and one working mom have got to get used to seeing each other because bathroom time was always shared.

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    Here’s the thing… I try to not let the kids see me naked but they are just every where so I am just thrown in the towel and taken off the clothes. ;-)

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    Yeah, we’ve definitely gotten to the point where there’s the “ew” and the eyes being shielded. It’s really great for the self esteem.

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    Loved this!

    My kids are 2 and 5, and I haven’t gotten the stare yet, but thanks to you, I’ll know it when I see it! :)

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    The awkward stare!!! I remember – and this was recently – one of my boys was in MY room when I came out of the shower and I was standing there drying off and what not and it was THAT STARE. I remember just looking at him and in my mind I was horrified. Since then I’m closing doors and getting on to them for barging in without knocking. Although, I can say as of today the neighbor kid has seen me in my underwear. I guess I’m in need of one of those black robes that covers me from head to toe, because I just can’t win either way.

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    It’s been awhile since I started enforcing privacy…I can’t remember if The Stare played into it, but yes, I just knew when it was time. My youngest son (8) would now be mortified if he happened across me while I was disrobed. He tried to cover up his chest if I see him without a shirt. Funny how that doesn’t apply when he’s in swim trunks.

  8. HeatherH. says

    Doesn’t it mostly deal with what we’re taught about nudity and the human body? I don’t have kids yet, so correct me if I’m wrong :) But I grew up in a family that considered nudity a normal part of being human. We were taught appropriateness in public of course to keep things respectful (like keep your skirt down when you sit) and also how to treat people when they don’t want to be seen naked(avert your eyes etc.). But it was never a big thing if one of us accidentally saw each other naked and it never seemed to happen regularly and it was never intentional either.

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    I was really glad that you had this talk with us fully clothed, with your head covered with a hoodie.

    It might have been funnier if you’d filmed it in a tube top, with the camera aimed high.

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    I haven’t experienced the stare yet, but my children are 2 and 4. Both boys. We are starting to teach the 4 yr. old not to barge in or open the shower for a game of mom I have to tell you something…though it can wait til I am out of the shower! The 4 yr. old definitely knows all the parts and that I am different. Guess locking the door would help me, huh? We have on occasion shut and locked the door when dad and I are…ummmhmm ya know. LOL.