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      I love yellow! In fact, when my husband and I were house hunting I always pointed out yellow houses because they looked ‘happy’…he’d get frustrated and be all “please just ignore the color and look at the inside! We can always paint the house!”

      He lied…I still don’t have my happy yellow house!

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      Aren’t they adorable? I’m so glad we have these online spaces that allow us to capture some of the special moments. :)

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    Love purple. Not so sure about everything purple, though. But still it’s a pretty color!!! :)

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    Hmmm it would take some time getting used to eating purple food, but I suppose if it tasted the same I would be fine with it.

    What would happen to those people who tanned? Would they turn eggplant?

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      You’re so right Nicole…I don’t want to miss my calling as an artist!! And all this time my husband’s teased me about being a grown woman who still draws like a 7 year old!