Everyday I’m Shufflin’

I tease my husband a lot about what a giant baby he is when he gets sick. Mostly I’m just jealous that he gets to take days off when he’s feeling under the weather, whereas I work unless I’m throwing up. That’s really the only exception.

I’ve had days where I’ve been laying on the couch with a fever and as parents drop their kids off they say, “Okay baby, stay away from Ms. Kathy today, she’s not feeling good mkay?”

This weekend I’ve been hobbling around like an old lady. I have no idea what happened. One day I went to bed fine, the next day I couldn’t move my neck or any of my joints. Ankles, knees, elbows, wrists, shoulders, fingers…you name it. EVERYTHING is in pain.

Other than a moderately stressful couple days I spent filming for a fun cooking series with She Knows in Arizona last week (stressful only because I’ve never in my life done something like that) I can’t think of anything that would cause my body to feel 90.

I’ve re-run the past week over in my head. Have I been in a car accident? Did I fall from a tall building? Did someone push me down a flight of stairs? What in the world might have happened to completely cripple all of my joints? Am I 90 years old?

Naturally I ran a quick Google search because that’s always a smart thing to do and discovered I could have absolutely nothing wrong with me other than joint inflammation OR I could have any variety of arthritis, Lupus, Lyme Disease, MS, Bone Cancer, Toxic Shock Syndrome etc. Nothing I read said “your body is lacking in banana…eat one and you’ll be fine”, which is pretty much what I was looking for.

Either way I’m sure this means I’m going to die, and just like my husband when he’s taken ill, you can find me slowly shuffling through the house, moaning just audibly enough for him to hear and recognize I’m still in pain, and sighing every time I sit down or stand up so that everyone in the house knows that DEAR JESUS I CAN’T MOVE MY BODY ANYMORE.


I’m shufflin’.

Accepting donations of flowers, chocolate, alcohol, money and jewelry today.

And forever.


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    Oh, Kat! I am so sorry you feel so bad! I am praying that your pain is just a bug that will go away soon. I do have Lupus and I am praying you do not! Feel better soon and tell those parents that if they don’t want their kids hanging around you, they should not be bringing them in!! Hugs!

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      Thanks Nicki!

      Sadly the only thing I know about Lupus was learned by watching America’s Next Top Model one season. I can’t imagine living with something like that on a daily basis!

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    The unfairness of when Dad is sick, he getst to rest and when Mom is sick, nothing changes is an age old fight over here. I’m sorry you are feeling 90 and hope you feel better soon!

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      Totally not fair…however, I will say that Pat offered to stay home and help me today. I think sometimes us moms have a “the show must go on” mentality. Even if we’re given permission to take the day off…I’m not sure we would.

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    Hope you get better. When The Hubby gets sick he is noisy, moaning and groaning but he doesn’t stay down. Makes me kind of mad when he goes to the office because he has to get the guys working and won’t stop. He expects me to be the same but I like to laze around.

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      That’s funny, my man has NO problem lazing around…and neither do I, I just don’t get the opportunity like he does! And I don’t think he feels adequately sorry enough for me. What does it take to get some pity around here!?! ;)

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    Ugh, I’m so sorry you’re feeling terrible – I have the exact same method of shuffling and groaning just loud enough to let my discomfort be known. Not that it changes anything. :)

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    Oh, I hope you get better soon! I hate it when my body punishes me for things I should be able to do! Hope you get some rest and chocolate!

    very busy Mom

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    Take some Motrin and drink lots of water. Maybe you are just dehydrated from being in AZ.

    If we didn’t push through the pain how would our daughters ever learn how to do it? Sad, but true.

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    My body seems to be rebelling against me as well. Now I’m all, “I can’t do that, my knee doesn’t like it!”, and my joints make noises that are, frankly, a bit scary.
    Gettin’ old sucks!

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      People always gasp when I sit down because my knees crack. I had no idea this wasn’t something that happened to everyone. I’ll admit I find their reactions a little entertaining…until those joints stop working properly of course.

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    Oh no, so sorry you are feeling so bad. And why do the guys get sick days and, as you said, unless we are puking, have to continue on? I would say get lots of rest but we both know that isn’t possible.

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      It’s NOT possible…and really if it WAS possible, I’m still not sure we’d take the day off. I’m far too much of a control freak.

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    Well blogging about it should work – right! You’ll just get odd advice and lots of “so sorry to hear”. Here’s my two bits of odd advice. Drink water, take pain reliever (aspirin if your stomach is good) and read my blog in the morning. If it last past reading a post or two, then go see a doctor.

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    Feel better! For whatever reason, I felt like death when I woke up this morning too. UGH. Pregnancy has taken over my body!!

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    I was feeling similar symptoms when I was diagnosed with RA about 12 years ago. If the pain is on going or even coming and going, you should definitely go have some blood work done. That way, at least you’ll know, and if it IS something, you can begin treating it so that it doesn’t cause permanent damage. I really hope it’s nothing. So sorry… I know how much it sucks to feel like you’re 90!