And Then He Was Five

I was given a list of surgery dates to choose from when scheduling my c-section with Kainoa and while some women might want to pick the very soonest possible date, it’s a strange notion to actually PICK your baby’s birth date. I really gave it some thought before picking the soonest possible date and then I circled July 9th on the calendar.

“Having a baby…”

Just another day.

When the 9th rolled around it was ‘time’. The girls were packed at Grandma’s and I had stuffed their bags with presents. My mother’s guilt was already in full swing.

He was born on a beautiful, sunny day and while looking at the Seattle view from our hospital room I told Pat it felt like we should be out and about walking around and not having a baby that day. That’s the weird thing about scheduled c-sections, it doesn’t really feel like you should be having a baby yet.

But have a baby we did. The anxiety I had about the surgery was balanced with the excitement I had about finding out what the sex of our baby would be. My 9 months of nesting and baby baking came undone in just one hour on an operation table and just like that, Kainoa was born.

And then he was five.

Happy 5th Birthday Kainoa!

You turned one.
You turned two.
You turned three.
You turned four.


  1. says

    All 3 of my kids were c/sections, and apart from my first, I too got to “pick” the date – it did seem very weird!

    Congrats on your beautiful boy – I love see pics of them each year on their birthday – seeing the kids they have become.

  2. says

    I picked the birthdate of two of my kids, the other arrived on his due date (I am a natural born organizer…he must have known not to mess with my plan ;) )

    Enjoy the day. Five only comes once per person.

  3. says

    I picked the triplet’s birthday too. Sometimes I wonder if I picked the wrong day… thankfully, they don’t seem to mind.

    Happy Birthday, Kainoa.

  4. says

    Each of my two girls were preemies. They were both due in April. One came in February the other in March. Both robbed me of a big ol’ mother’s ring with diamonds. ;-)
    Happy Birthday to Kainoa! I’m pretty sure the picture of him at 2 years old with his hair all cute would have made me buy him a pony.

  5. Kristifabulous says

    it is also your most favorite cousin’s birthday! we’ll tell him that’s why you chose the day! xoxo

  6. says

    Happy Birthday Kainoa! I love the pictures of each year, they grow up right before our eyes but you only really notice how much when you see it in pictures.

  7. says

    That is exactly how I felt 2 weeks ago. Walking into the hospital knowing that the rest of San Diego was going to be enjoying the beautiful, sunny, warm day and I was going to be having a C-Section. It’s all so crazy. The Mom guilt of not being the one to take Ellie to Camp, and worrying about her first sleep over that night. UGH!!! Thank goodness that part is over!

  8. Sheri says

    I schedule my second child c-section for her Great Nona’s 93rd birthday, which was three weeks before her due date. Because of difficulties with my first I had testing done the day before and apparently my sweet Sara thought that was a better birthday because I went into labor and they took her out instead of the testing. And yes even at 6 she does things her way!