The Magical Place

Sometimes my kids have cute dreams that don’t make sense and I just smile at them and nod as they recount the journey they made while they were sleeping. But sometimes they retell dreams that are so vivid and sometimes scary, they make ME want to hide.

“You know why I slept in today?

Because I had a bad dream and I was crying.

I had a dream about you and me and a boy…

your boy…

the boy and me were both yours.

We went to a magical place, and then at first me and the boy were gonna have to stay there forever and you were sad,

and then I chose to stay and not go to the magical place, but the boy still went

and we couldn’t stop crying because we wanted him to stay with us too.

The boy had long hair like Kainoa did when he was a baby and he was given a key to get into the magical place,

but all we could do was cry.”


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    Hm. I have an eyebrow raised. I love to try to decipher dreams, but…I gots nothin’. Also, creepy vs scary and I’d be backing away from her too.

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      Creepy is right! I’ve been talking to Pat a lot lately about having one more baby and after hearing that dream…I’m not so sure!!

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    Kid dreams like that creep me right out. Eddie told me he dreamed two flying babies in my room while I was pregnant with Charlie.

    I’ve had two miscarriages.

    I gave Ed the side eye for like a week.

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    So, we are house hunting and found a 1920’s home we love- it even has a full third floor butler’s quarters and secret doors. I told my husband that place has to have some interesting spirits hanging around, you know? It’s still our favorite of all we’ve seen, though, and we might put an offer on it. ANYWAY- just the other day Noah, my oldest, tells us that he dreamed that I couldn’t get the ghost out of his new room in our new house. We never talked about that house in front of him, ever. Do you think it’s a sign???

    Totally spooked,