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    Ahahaha… I love the hat!!! And yes, his response is much more obnoxious. We (I mean YOU) should at least have the chance to reassure him it’s not THAT bad… but still get a little attention for your efforts. =)

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    Or you could be like me and wait until your family members are practically on their death bed before taking them into the hospital.

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    This is me!! I also google my symptoms on Web MD or wherever. It only serves to give me more anxiety attacks!! My friend has the same problem. So when we get together we usually diagnose each other with no less than 20 diseases! LOL Glad we’re not alone!

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      I love WOE. I can’t always smuomn the courage to do the prompts, and as you know post-baby I am just now getting back into the swing of blogging/writing. I rarely make any chats on Twitter, it’s just a tough time in the evenings b/t time zone changes, dealing w/ dinner/kids/bedtimes, and then my OWN free time or that being my only time in the entire day to be alone w/ my husband. I’ve noticed a drop off everywhere, not just here. Lots of people are writing/talking about it. Gigi (Kludy mom) did a great post last week about the radio silence in the blogosphere .hope this helps. i am working on arranging things this summer so that i’ll have more time to devote to writing (and linking up here, hopefully!)you should also know that a lot of it is my own personal FEAR. especially when it comes to fiction. so i just get too intimidated and shut down and then don’t even bother trying.hope this helps??xoxo