Writer’s Workshop: Cover Me Up

2.) What one memory from your childhood always makes you smile, no matter what? (inspired by Not Just Another Mom Blogger).

Laina came home from school with an exciting announcement…she made a journal at school and would now be writing daily responses to whatever prompts her teacher shares.

“And today we talked about our favorite thing and I wrote that my favorite thing is when my Mom covers me up at bedtime, can I have a cookie?”

And my heart just kind of gushed over her words because I had no idea that my covering her up every night was special to her.

I handed her the bag of cookies as I quietly assessed my evening routine. Sometimes I complain about the whole covering them up thing…I’ll have to stop doing that now that it’s her favorite thing. Sometimes I wait too long and when I go to cover her up she’s already asleep…I’ll have to stop doing that now that it’s her favorite thing. There’s a bit of pressure involved in order for me to live up to this high standard of covering up that I’ve somehow set for myself.

When I was her age I remember screaming from my bed for my Mom to come give me a kiss goodnight.

“Mom? I need a kiss goodnight!”

“Mom! Come and give me a kiss goodnight!”


My calls were echoed by my little sister and brother and we would carry on and on and on until finally she’d come in and we’d happily collect our kiss.

Why was that kiss so necessary? We had her ALL day long.

Now that I’m the Mom I feel for that lady. That lady who would plant herself on the couch to watch a new episode of Dallas while she folded baskets of laundry.

“Coming!” she’d say…but then she didn’t COME.

Now that I’m that Mom I know that “coming!” means “stop shouting at me, I’ll come in at the commercial break or whenever I reach the bottom of this basket, but I’m exhausted and comfortable and I don’t want to get UP!”

And now, every night at bed time each of my three kids shouts down to me at my spot on the couch,

“Mom can you come cover me up?”

“Mom, can you come cover me up?”

“Mom, can you come cover me up?”

I smile at the memory of my kisses goodnight, “I’m coming!” I’ll say, just as it was said to me and eventually I’ll make my way to their rooms.

Only I guess I have the added pressure of actually GOING when I say I’m going now that I know it’s a ‘favorite thing’.

Do kids just not change ever?

Now it’s your turn!

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The Prompts:

1.) I spent this past weekend in Dallas for Bloggy Boot Camp with SITS. As part of the Writer’s Workshop Francesca and I conducted we resurrected the Six Word Memoir. Add an image to your own Six Word Memoirbased on…well anything.

2.) What one memory from your childhood always makes you smile, no matter what? (inspired by Not Just Another Mom Blogger).

3.) in juxtaposition to the thank you (sarcastic) cards we wrote last week. Write real thank you cards to the things that REALLY do save our lives every day. (inspired by Multiple Mama)

4.) Share 5 Fictional Friends you’d want in real life. (Movie/Book/TV etc.) (inspired by Hooked and Happy)

5.) What is a decision that has irrevocably changed your life? (inspired by Our Marriage Adventure)


  1. says

    oh I so remember that. Only I think my Mom was watching VHS taped Soaps….oh yea, VHS baby.
    I’m not going to lie, while sometimes it is annoying to have to go in there and rearrange pillows and blankets and find lovies that have gone rogue…I love the extra squeezes and kisses.
    This is a beautiful post.

  2. says

    Wow, I feel like I could have written this, “Now that I’m that Mom I know that “coming!” means “stop shouting at me, I’ll come in at the commercial break or whenever I reach the bottom of this basket, but I’m exhausted and comfortable and I don’t want to get UP!”

    So true!

  3. says

    My Mom used to watch Dallas before going to bed also! I can still remember the theme music to that show so well. It reminds me of my bedtime to this day.

    My kids love having me cover them up as well. I’m working on not being so grumpy at bedtime, and getting to their rooms faster when they call for me to come say goodnight to them. :) It really does seem to mean a lot to them. Pretty cute. :)

  4. BalancingMama (Julie) says

    I am always complaining about having to stop what I’m doing to get up every 2 minutes, especially in the evening. But maybe I should remember how much kids adore the little things – thanks for the reminder!

  5. says

    My youngest does the same thing. He’ll always find some reason to get me back in after we’ve already read together and I’ve tucked him in. Usually it’s, “MOM! I’m really thirsty! Can I have some water?”…”MOM, I just realized I’m starving!”

  6. says

    I hear something similar “mom come pray with me” and at the end there’s always a hug and a kiss. =) I never did that with my mom though. She wasn’t the tucking in, kiss you goodnight kind of mom. lol

  7. says

    That is so cute. My son always says “I need a cuddle, quick!” It’s super cute, but my couch is super comfy, so I feel for you. But he goes to sleep faster after he has had one. What a great story!

  8. says

    It’s a good thing we grow up and remember what it was like to smile from something that mean’t so much! I enjoyed reading your post.

  9. says

    Yes. They don’t. It’s good to know that the sacrifice is worth it, but as a mom that is the most challenging point in my day. More difficult yet is that they are staying up later and later until I am truly exhausted, and then they still want attention once they are supposedly “down”. Thanks for the reminder that they appreciate it.

    Cool that Laina is doing Writer’s Workshop now. Another source for prompts. :-)

  10. says

    I am a sucker for the Six Word Memoir. I just can’t pass that up! I added a photo to last year’s post and linked up, but I couldn’t help but add another as today is my wedding anniversary. And wouldn’t you know it? I linked it up at #26….and today is my 26th anniversary. :)

  11. says

    There is nothing better than a Mommy coverup. My Mom stayed with me one afternoon when I was pregnant. I dozed off on the couch and she covered me up. It made me feel warm and loved and reminded me that even though I’m old enough to be a Mom…I still need mine. Lovely post.

  12. says

    Every night David will read the kids a story (because they prefer HIM to read the story which I find hilarious because I love to read and he doesn’t care for it at all) and then they will come get me, “Mom we’re ready for you.” I have to tuck the covers and sing the songs and kiss the foreheads and make sure all of the lights are just right. I’m the last person they see at night before they go to sleep. I’ve never realized how special that was until I read this. Thank Laina for me.

  13. says

    This is so sweet. I have boys that like that last cover-me-up, too. They are always all smiles as I do. Thank you for helping me realize that tuck-in time may very well be special to them, as well.

  14. says

    Lately everywhere I turn I’m hearing something about bedtime. And I get convicted because bedtime is when I pretty much hit my expiration date and blow up into smoke. This is really sweet and inspiring :) Your daughter is adorable.

  15. says

    What a lovely reminder that we as mothers often overlook the “inconvenient” but critical and significant things we do every day with or for our children that count. They really do matter. We are a powerful piece of their lives!! What an honor to stop the laundry, the dishes, the cleaning, the phone calls, the computer checks…to carry out those trivial but oh so valuable tasks, that in the end truly matter.

  16. says

    Ha!! It’s exactly like that here too! “We’re ready to be tucked in!!”…that’s what my kids always say. Maybe it’s my kids’ favorite thing too, I’ll have to think about that tonight ;)

  17. says

    We do hugs & kisses with the kids. They don’t talk about it much, but it is true that they remember these things. Like you, at bedtime, I just want to sit and relax and not think about it. But they are all calling…and we must obey. When our show is over. :-)

    Please check out my new blog. I really love you-like you love Ellen. I’ve been following you for years. I want to be like you when I grow up.


  18. says

    What a great memory! I’m too exhausted by bedtime and have been skipping the tuck in’s unless asked. They run out for kisses but by bedtime I just don’t want to hear “mom” anymore!

  19. says

    Most of us learn it’s the little things that make for a better day and I think kids might not realize it but those little things make a big difference for them too. nice post

  20. says

    Now I’m feeling really guilty because when my children call me — I usually pull myself up at the last second, secretly hoping they will go to sleep. Such a sweet picture and memories. Makes me rethink my attitude.

  21. says

    Awww! That is so adorable! My mom wasn’t a kisser, and she was kind of begrudging with hugs, too. She’s much better with her grandkids, though, so I guess it’s cool.

    Thanks for picking my suggestion–you made my day!

  22. says

    Have to say, I’m guilty of the “coming”, but not right away. And yes, it could be because I am comfortable and need a little time for me.