Scooby Doo covers Lady Antebellum

You know…these are one of those videos I think sound like a FANTASTIC idea when I’m looped up on Mountain Dew. I mean…Scooby Doo covers Lady Antebellum? BRILLIANT RIGHT!?!

I spend approximately an entire day giggling to myself, I upload it to YouTube, and then I spend approximately 364 of the remaining days of the year regretting it and praying none of my kids teachers find it.

So…do take advantage of my one day lapse in judgement and watch it while you can:

(video here)


  1. says

    OMG! The diet coke is still runnin’ out ma nose as I type this. LOL Freakin’ hilarious! I almost pee’d my pants when your ‘dancing’ boots showed up! You can’t take this down, EVER. ROTFLMAO

  2. Jodi T says

    Hahahahahah!!! Love the expression on your face when you are “Fred”. Greatness. Thanks for getting me back on track this Tuesday AM, I was feeling pretty BLAH.

  3. Marie says

    I am laughing so hard I’m snorting and tears are straming down my cheeks.

    And, I just peed my pants. HILARIOUS!

  4. says

    Funny, I don’t remember this sort of behavior when I took my kid to “Scooby Doo Live” – though it may explain the delay in the start of the second act, and Daphne’s slurred speech and ‘come hither’ look .

  5. says

    OMG I have an internal video set to nearly every catchy song I hear, including this one. Except mine doesn’t follow this exact scenario. Brilliant and hysterical!

  6. says

    So, you’re sitting around sipping the Dew and it hits you……Scooby Doo and Lady Antebellum…..they must be together! You realize some mad scientist is going to come knocking at your door wanting to take a peek at your brain someday!

  7. says

    My husband just walked by and saw your video playing. He asked “WHO IS THAT?” I told him you. He said “She’s going to be at Bloggy Boot Camp, right?” Oh how funny!

  8. Theresa says

    Just saw this. Love, love, love it. My son and I both laughed so hard – especially at Fred’s facial expressions. Comedy Gold.