A New Vlogging Link Up!

When I decided to start taking vlogging more seriously I found it extremely difficult to find a community of vloggers who wanted to network. My solution? Create one!

Enter a new vlogging link up and weekly Vlogging Workshop. Each week  I post a list of video topics for you to choose from, you have one week to create a video, and then every Wednesday come back to my site to join that week’s vlogging link up.

There will be a list of thumbnails that link directly to participating YouTube videos or to your blog. Simply locate the “click here to enter” button at the bottom of the list and you will be directed to a page that will ask you to submit the URL that contains your video.

The goal is to help one another grow our communities on YouTube by offering comments, views, and ‘likes’ on the videos themselves.  However, if you’re mostly interested in drawing viewers to your blog, than linking to a post that hosts your video is okay too!

Each week’s prompts will be posted with the link up on Wednesdays so you will have a full week to create your video instead of just a few days.

If you do want to give video a try or have been doing video, but want to grow your community than here is a summary of what you need to know:

    • Vlog prompts will be posted with the link up on Wednesdays so you will have a full week to create your video.
    • Come back every Wednesday and add a link to the list provided that will direct viewers to your video (either on YouTube or your blog).
    • Comment on and/or subscribe to the three videos ahead of yours.
    • I will feature a favorite video each week.
    • Subscribe to this weekly newsletter if you’d like the vlog prompts delivered to your inbox on  Mondays.

Find this week’s prompts here or email me at [email protected] for more information.

Looking forward to your videos!


  1. says

    You are INSANE. That scared the bejessuss out of me. I would have wet my pants if I had been the poor mom. Too funny. If we meet I will never take my eyes off you for even a second. ha.

    The vlogging prompt sounds fun. I have been wanting to experiment more with video –

  2. says

    Love the vlogging prompt idea. But I HATE being scared like that. I might have to punch you if you try that on me. But then we’d be besties again.

  3. says

    haha way to funny..As mommies we have to keep that funny sanity or else will go insane lol love these ideas and keep Us mommies busy, interactive with others like ourselves (#teamMoms) as well as an outlet and to be creative and share with others tips,tricks, and more. Thank you

  4. says

    from one SITSGirl to another, this is something I’ve been looking for…thanks for offering such amazing help and support! I’m totally in!