Writer’s Workshop: Garbage Disposal Blues

1.) What’s broken?

My garbage disposal stopped working and it has left me with only one portion of the sink to use. I have to avoid even allowing water to go down the garbage disposal because it empties in a hole beneath my sink and floods the kitchen floor. Not a good idea.

Dealing with the loss of the garbage disposal has been terribly cumbersome. I am forced to scrape leftover food portions into the garbage and I have to load the dishwasher twice as often to keep the usable portion of the sink from over flowing.

First world problems, I know, but after three days I looked at my husband and was all, “are you going to fix that soon?”

And he was all, “sigh. Yeah…it’s just that it takes so long!”




mi no comprende.

And then I was all, “You know what else takes too long?”

And he was all, “No what?”

And I was all, “Making your dinner every night, now HOP TO IT!”

Apparently it will get fixed On Friday.

He will starve until then.

Now it’s your turn!

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The Prompts:

1.) What’s broken?
2.) If humans were a dog breed, what would your mother be and why?
3.) List six blog designs that inspire you. What is it you’re drawn to?
4.) Share a favorite fall recipe!
5.) Someday I am going to ______________. (Inspired by Marcy Writes)


  1. says

    Good for you, honey, stick to that no dinner thing. I’m just jealous that you have a husband who is capable of fixing things, even if he is slow. Mine? Not so much. I however, am pretty brilliant at fixing the disposal myself. Get your husband to show you the broom handle trick. Works every time.

    • says

      I hate it when I KNOW he can’t fix the thing (even within a 8 month time frame) but he insists he can and I can’t call a professional in. Things just stay broken…and I’m a little afraid to ask what the broom handle trick is.

  2. says

    Thanks so much for this writer’s workshop. I get to push my brain to do a little bit more of writing since my number 1 enemy is always around me – procrastination.

    ohh you are lucky that at least your husband WILL fix it. LOL my hubs is only helpful to me when i needed help to open the mayo jar, or carry up the water bottle onto the water dispenser plus killing a fly which he still misses sometimes LOL …

    • says

      My husband is pretty great at killing flies. You’re right, I’m very lucky!! ;)

      So glad you’re able to participate this week! Believe me, I know how hard it is to write consistently!

  3. says

    You keep him in line ha ha! My husband is exactly the same and I too find that he soon changes his tune when I ‘withdraw’ my offerings. I must admit though, from all the films I have seen with garbage disposals trying to eat people… I would leave it broken. So glad we dont have them in the UK. :) xx

    • says

      You don’t have garbage disposals in the UK!?! How is that possible? They don’t try to eat people unless you’re dumb enough to put your hand down the drain and then turn it ON with the other hand.

      Though I must admit, I don’t putting my hand down there EVER to clear blockage really creeps me out.

  4. says

    It so hard when something that you use every day is broken. It feels like you have to switch your whole routine just to work around it. And then, for me, I usually forget and try to use it anyway, which makes more work than would have been required in the first place.

    • says

      Yes, that’s exactly the problem! It doesn’t work, but I keep using it and then there’s just a huge mess to deal with. Life is so harrrrrd! ;)

  5. says

    My husband is pretty much like Gretchen’s…I would have to call someone or do it myself! Flooded kitchen=not so good! I wrote about flooding too, but on a little larger scale…

  6. says

    I hate it when the disposal goes out. I can never reset the thing just by pushing the button. Lucky I have a handy friend I call in a panic. She usually can get it going again.

  7. says

    The garbage disposal is definitely one of those things you take for granted until it doesn’t work. But your response was the best!

    • says

      Exactly. You don’t know what a good thing you have until you lose…gosh I’m tired of learning that lesson.

  8. says

    I don’t get a garbage disposer until I redo the kitchen. I hate it It is a mess but the trash gets emptied a lot more often.

  9. says

    No, I completely get it. I’m all about these stressful first world problems. HAHA

    PS. Your prompt got me to post something I thought I’d N-E-V-E-R do. It was fun ;)

  10. says

    The faucet in my kitchen sink was broken for almost two weeks last month. Such fun! As if living in an apartment with five kids wasn’t enough, I got to experience life without running water. Better yet, since we don’t have access to the shut off valve, I got to live in fear that at any moment someone might forget that the thing was broken and turn it on, unleashing a huge spray of water from the base of the faucet. Fun times. I feel your pain.

  11. says

    Girrrrrrl, I know how that goes. Right now I have two lights, a printer, and a vacuum that don’t work. My hubs says he’ll fix them. He lies.

    New game plan: figuring it out myself and teaching my girls how it’s dooooone!

    • says

      You know when it gets to the point of YOU trying to fix it, things must be bad. I have horrible rage when I try to fix things and can’t figure them out. I break everything.

  12. says

    How annoying. I hope it gets fixed SOON. I used mine daily. My 13 year old son was sick with the stomach bug (that we’ve all had!) at the first of last week and came in and dumped the rest of his chicken noodle soup in the wrong side of the sink (the one WITHOUT the disposal) and then looked at me blankly and wanted to know what was wrong with the disposal. I would have killed him. But he WAS sick.

  13. Kristin says

    Changing the garbage disposal isn’t much fun, but it’s not very difficult. When I did it a few years back, the hardest part was finding another person to hold the piece in the sink so I could attach the disposal from the bottom…

    My new house doesn’t have one, and my new husband is hoping I will get one installed before the holidays!!

  14. says

    Mine’s broken, too! I was cleaning it the other day and bam. It just died. This stinks. I hate mine, but I need the second sink. I used broken as my prompt, but differently. Thanks for this. I needed it tonight.

  15. says

    Broken garbage disposals are the worst. Also terrible are when they are broken and you don’t know and you continue to use the sink and the cabinets flood and the water damage is so bad you have to replace, like, the whole darn thing.

    Sounds like I’m not the only one who’s experienced that.

  16. Erin white says

    You are on fire this week;) it’s like your living my life! Speaking to me… Lol…. Where is a “like” button when you need one!

  17. says

    I think what would irritate me the most is having someone who is capable of doing something like that but not willing! I’d withhold a lot more than dinner, but that’s just how I roll :)

  18. says

    Ah, a classic example of what the marriage therapists might call interdependence. Hallmark of a strong marriage, no?

  19. says

    LMAO “He will starve until then” I laughed out loud when I read that. Too funny! Garbage disposal is on my *list* of what’s broken as well. It’s not in as bad of shape as your disposal, but I’ve been there before.

    Hope it gets fixed soon!

  20. says

    Once our dishwasher broke. It was terrible. I didn’t wash dishes, I just placed them places like the microwave and the oven in the interim. Except once my husband went to preheat the oven and there were dishes inside, plastic ones. So he fixed the dishwasher.