Just Like A Dog

Laina was barking like a dog in the living room the other day when Pat’s sister was in town.

Laina’s been alive on this planet for 7 years now and of those seven years she’s been obsessed with dogs for…ohhhh…all of them.

Pat’s sister later told Laina, “I heard you barking in the living room and you sounded just LIKE a dog. I thought there might have been two dogs in the house because you imitated it so well.”

Laina was all, “Well that’s cause I love dogs so much!”

And Aunty was all. “You know Laina? I can tell you love all animals. You have a big heart and I see that you love all animals so much!”

Laina smiled, because it’s true and it felt like the kind of thing she might remember forever. You know when things get silent when a person is telling you something important and they just stick with you forever?

The way that Aunty sounded so wise and thoughtful with her words for Laina, I smiled to myself as I felt them sink in.

Not more than five minutes later Laina was all “Mom guess what?” and I was all “what?” waiting for her to tell me about her beautiful heart and her love for all animals.

And then she was all, “I sound JUST LIKE a dog!!”

I’m glad the important lessons are sticking.


  1. says

    Haha! So typical. Come on! I mean who wouldn’t want that skill. Barking like a dog is gonna take her places :) also, this is totally something my child #2 would do and say :)

  2. says

    It’s in there….somewhere!! She will hold it in her heart and it will settle deep and remain there always, and as the years roll on by…she will replay those loving words over and over again. :)

  3. says

    It is shocking how much they look like Pat and his family. You must feel the way my mom did about me and my brother (we look EXACTLY like my dad’s family). I think it is totally unfair when children don’t look like their mothers.