Black Friday Yay or Nay?

Did you get sucked in to leaving the house on Black Friday? This is why it was better for me to stay home:

(video here)

But that didn’t stop me from scooping up a couple shiny new Groupons (this one and this one to be exact).

Did you make any fun purchases this weekend?

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    I usually don’t go, but shock of shock, my son wanted to go this year. Apparently, with the big box stores being open ON Thanksgiving is what saved us – there was no one in the stores when we arrived around 9:00 am or so on Friday. And yes, I scored a great deal on a beautiful pair of boots…..for me.

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    I spend the week of Thanksgiving in California (Victorville) with my brother and my nephew, and since my brother has shared custody with his ex-wife, we don’t always get to celebrate the holiday on Thursday. Sometimes we have to do it on Friday. So, I don’t usually have time for Black Friday.

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    I always wind up getting things for myself on Black Friday, clearly you weren’t going to the right stores :-) I love the hype and excitement of Black Friday, it’s such a strange phenomena, but I kind of love it. Luckily, the area where I live everyone is still nice and there’s no pushing and news making.

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      Seriously, I have to stay away from the TV when Black Friday is approaching because I will totally get sucked in by the excitement and the hype!

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    My most fun purchase this year was on Black Friday, a towel warmer from Brookstone for my husband who showers in the basement all the time. One of the salesmen actually carried it through the mall and all the way to my car for me! I thought that was so nice of him, I gave him $1 tip which he wasn’t going to take, but I insisted. His name was Dakota.

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    Only when I had babies. If one of them had me up at 5, I put them back down and said I’m outta here! It was so liberating. But now sleeping in is much more liberating, so that is of course what I do. Plus, the thing I got the really good deals on were the toys, and now we don’t buy many of those, so no need. Good reminder there at the end. I always would stand in line chuckling to myself at the people who had obviously left their sense of humor at home. Seriously not worth it, people.

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    I’ve gone Black Friday shopping for about 16 yrs. About 10 yrs ago my sister in law and I took our daughters with us. It was SO much fun shopping with them. Then the girls and I would do it at home here, but we’d stand back and watch all the crazy people push inside first and then we’d mosey in. There was never ONE thing we couldn’t live without, but it was fun trying to find those deals. It was also just a fun tradition. Unfortunately life has changed, the girls have grown up and moved out, the deals have become less and less appealing, the boys and I went last year and weren’t impressed. I shopped from home online and we slept in. =) I’m waiting to see what comes around for cyber Monday now!! Let the games begin!

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    I did it a couple of years ago and found it overwhlming. People where desperate and rude and frankly my husband and I were exhausted the following day so we decided it was not worth it. Did I save alot, yes but in the end I can’t say it was worth it.