Writer’s Workshop: Embarrassing Moments

Share an embarrassing moment (these are always fun to read).

Why limit myself to just one moment when clearly I’ve been collecting embarrassing moments since the last time I shared my ‘foot in the mouth‘ tendencies? Here we go:

1. Yesterday I called my neighbor of 9 years Mandy. The truth is I never call her by her first name because in nine years I haven’t been able to decide if Mandy is HER name or if Mandy is our other neighbor’s name. So I don’t actually know either of their names, but I backed myself into a corner and called her Mandy to her face with all the fake confidence in the world. Her name is Marci as it turns out. In case you were curious.

2. I met Wendi Aarons while passing through elevators at Blogher ’12 in New York. I was going in with friends, she was going out with friends. Of course I know who she is, we banter plenty on Twitter and she writes a brilliantly hilarious humor blog. But I thought it would be funny to pretend not to know who she was when we met face to face for the first time because…hilarious right? Problem is I was kind of the only one in on the joke. We had approximately 35 seconds to make a great first “Oh my gosh HI!” connection and I wasted it going, “yeah I’m not quite sure, and you areeeeee who again? Just kidding bye!”  Because I’m twelve.

3. My husband’s family was visiting from out of town and while they were away on a day trip to Seattle I snuck in a shower. The fact that I say I “snuck” into my own shower, should give you some idea as to what kind of freak show you’re dealing with, because I refuse to take one with visitors in the house. When they returned his sister was all “Pat I know I’m losing my hair, but did you have to pull all of that out of the drain that I see on the side of the tub? I’m so sorry!” And I was all, “Oh no you’re fine! I took a shower while you were away….and…” and apparently I’m losing my hair now too.

4. During my first trip out to Boulder to meet Team BlogFrog I greeted my boss and Co-Founder of BlogFrog Rustin Banks with a great big hug!! I’ve known Holly and Rustin for years through blogging now so of course seeing them in person I just have to wrap my arms around them for a big squeeze! I called my sister later and was all, “I don’t think I should probably hug my boss again. I have a feeling the other people in the office maybe don’t hug him all the time…” and she was all “He’s your BOSS you weirdo! Who hugs their BOSS!?!” Not me! …anymore.

5. My plane hit turbulence while flying into Vegas for Bloggy Boot Camp last month and my terrified reaction was to grab the man’s HAND sitting next to me. I believe I startled him as much as I startled myself, but rather than address my action I instead said something like, “Oh Jesus!” and then buried my head into my window. I sat on my hands for the duration of the flight and did not even glance in his direction, although it was clear the sexual tension my touch caused him to have for me was palpable.

Now it’s your turn!

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The Prompts:

1.) Share your winter bucket list.
2.) Name a place in the world that you never want to visit.
3.) Bill Cosby once said, “My children love my mother and I tell my children, “That is NOT the same woman I grew up with, that is an old woman trying to get into heaven now.” How have your parents changed now that they’re grandparents?
4.) Tell us about a time something happened or something was said that gave you the chills.
5.) Share an embarrassing moment (these are always fun to read).


  1. says

    Oh man.. they are all so funny and embarrassing. I think I like the neighbor one because my neighbor has called me Sarah for the last year and has called my husband Mark, even though we have introduced ourselves like twenty times and have given them cards signed… faith and Alvin… not Sarah and Mark. Only good point is if we commit a crime and he catches us, he would tell the police that Sarah and Mark did it. ;)

  2. says

    Also embarrassing is when someone calls you the wrong name, or massively mispronounces your name, and you stupidly pretend that is your name because you don’t want them to feel bad. And then every time they see you they call you the wrong name. There’s a woman at the gym who’s been calling me someone else’s name for the last 2 years. And of course I can’t tell her now.

  3. says

    I never remember anyone’s name. Faces, yes. Names, no. I can’t even get my husband’s name right some days, and I still occasionally call my boss “Mom” when her name is actually Martie.

    So I completely understand how you might confuse Mandy with Marci. Perfectly understandable.

  4. says

    Ahh the joy of realizing as cool as we appear to ourselves Karma is a fickle person. She enjoys the slap of embarassment aside our heads once in a while.

  5. says

    Dying over here! I’m not sure of my neighbors’ names, either – I’m hoping someday to need to introduce them to someone but “forget” to do it, so my friend can say, “Oh, by the way, I’m so-and-so” and the neighbors will be forced to say their names, too. Juvenile? Yes. Effective? Also yes.

  6. says

    I am now at the age where I can forget, momentarily the name of someone I know very well. That is really embarrassing, especially when I hesitate and they remind me….Maggie, my name is Maggie.

  7. says

    Dang it! You are always showing me up with how on target you are. You were so close with that whole Mandy/Marci thing. So close. Unlike the time I repeatedly referred to a guy named Carl as “Truman”. I was brazenly confident because, you know, Truman is not a common name so it is easy to remember…..though apparently not so easy to attach to the right man.

  8. says

    No time to do a post this week. In fact, I was going through some old blog posts and I think I randomly did one in 2011 and didn’t start doing them regularly until this summer?

    Anyhow, I’d have hugged him too, that’s what bloggers do, I’d imagine even to their bosses. lol

    And I literally laughed out loud about the turbulence because I could just imagine the scenario! Love it

  9. says

    I adore you.

    And, I’m so glad that I’m not the only one with awkward meeting moments with you. LOL. Because ours was a smidge awkward. But, we’re good now , right? Or…will you pretend no to know me when we see each other again…IF we do. Geez…when will that happen?

    • says

      I can’t remember our awkward meeting Nicole. Maybe I’ve finally started blocking these things from my memory! What happened?

      • says

        When we met, I was all…”Hey Kat…wow…you’re tall!” and you were all….”MmHmm..” as you looked around for a reason to walk away…at least that’s what I told myself as I wished away that last part and then I wanted to hide. But later we had a martini together and all was well in the world. :- )

  10. says

    Number 1 cracked me up! The one where you hugged YOUR BOSS also had me laughing, my sister would have said the exact same thing thatyour sister said to you.

  11. says

    Seriously, it takes an awful lot to seem awkward at a BLOGGING convention. Don’t worry, I think you’re delightful. And I’m not just saying that because you described me with the word “brilliantly.”

    OK, fine. That’s some of the reason I’m saying you’re delightful.

  12. says

    I’m a first class stick my foot in my mouth kind of girl. I say so many stupid things to people that I’ve forgotten most of them.

    I do remember in San Diego calling you a “whole lotta woman” though. Which I meant as a compliment of course. I was drunk. (Not really, but let’s please just go with that.)

  13. says

    Oh my word! I don’t know which part of this I love most: the stories themselves (the hug?! the wrong name?!) or the fact that you have five hilarious and embarrassing moments at your disposal, just like that. Oh my. :)

  14. says

    you are the coolest and I love you.
    I think its funny that more of your embarrassing moments are to do with foot-in-mouth… mine tend to be run-ins with gravity…
    blimmin hilarious, you are Mama kat.
    thanks for hosting!

  15. Leigh Ann says

    I love other people’s embarrassing moments. I hate it when people unexpectedly have to use my bathroom because the curtain is usually open and I’ve probably left my own hairballs stuck to the tile.

    Wendi is a gem. I’m lucky enough to say I know her in real life. We’ve had drinks! We’ve hugged! I’m totally bragging. But she’s really so down to earth and friendly.

  16. says

    HILARIOUS!! Love the neighbor names…I would totally do that! I can know everything about a person except for their name. But nine years? WOW! You are one fine faker!!! ;)

  17. says

    LOL I have no clue what most of our neighbor’s names are. One couple I met and I remember their kids’ names but I can’t for the life of me remember the adults’ names.. 5 minutes after we walked away. I tried looking them up online but that didn’t help me.

    Also, remind me that scheduling my workshop post does not mean it auto links up. I totally forgot to actually come over and do that earlier. Oops.