Gift Picks For Facebook Family and Friends

SheKnows has released a Gift Picks tool for this holiday season and I have been really enjoying it’s suggestions for purchases for my family and friends. When you sign in to use it you authorize it to access your Facebook page so that it can find the family/friends you’re shopping for.

You go through and select exactly which friends you’d like to purchase for and the tool gives you suggestions based on interests and likes¬† your friend has shared from their own Facebook profile.

I couldn’t help, but laugh at some of the suggestions, like this encouragement to go ahead and purchase this soap for my friend Jill’s butt and face:

I imagine she’d really appreciate the distinction between the two.

But this assessment of Francesca is spot on!

I love that it calls her “haircare obsessed” because this girl definitely has a thing for nice hair. And believe me, she could rate the quality of your hair in a nano second.

Is Angie a “stylista”, shopaholic, and DIYer? I mean, I’m not going to “out” her, but I spy a pair of Houndstooth heels that have her name written all over them:

My friend Char could school anyone on Facebook’s privacy settings, so if you’re concerned about how the Gift Picks tool is able to tap into your info rest assured you’re in full control of how that info is accessed. When I selected Char for the giftpick the tool confessed, “Sorry, but we couldn’t find any Facebook likes for your friend (it’s likely because of their privacy settings). In the meantime we’ve selected a few gift ideas.” So it’s literally only pulling data from info you share publicly but still allows you make personalized gift choices based on information you insert about the person you are shopping for.

Since I am solely shopping online this year I think this tool is going to help save a ton of time!

Now, I know that my own privacy settings are going to throw the giftpicker off when you use it to shop for me today so let me give you a little hint to speed the process…diamonds, sushi, and hoodies. Done.

Disclosure: I am being compensated on behalf of Sheknows for my review of Gift Picks. You can thank them directly for the ‘face/butt’ soap you might receive in the mail over the holidays. Love, me.


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    I do like those houndstooth heels. And, I can attest that this tool is spot on. Fran does have a thing with clean shiny hair. Her assessment of your glossy locks WAS exactly right. Who would have thought about having TWO different soaps like it picked for Jill? BRILLIANT. I especially liked that the face soap is white while the butt soap is not… I’m off to shop for you! ;)

  2. says

    You had me until I read that I am an outdoors lover. Clearly the program malfunctioned at that point because you know I loathe leaving my house.

    But THANK GOD that someone finally broke the news to Jill about smelling clean. Check that off of our new year’s resolutions list.

    I sure love the content around this place lately. xo