Roller Skating Waitresses

I spent this weekend with producers from Cafe Mom Studios and Lindsay Ferrier from Suburban Turmoil. Lindsay has this fun (exhausting? insane? exhilarating?) job of completing a number of different dares in a series called “I’ll Take That Dare“on Cafe Mom’s YouTube channel.

This season she’s taking on dares with bloggers and I was lucky enough to join the crew for an episode that turned the two of us into roller skating waitresses in a 50’s diner called Frisco’s.

And now I can check that off my bucket list of things to do before I die.

We wore tiny skirts. We very slowly skated laps around the restaurant. We served some very nice men burgers and omelets, from whom Lindsay was given a $5.00 tip and I was given…$2.93. Both $14 bills. I tucked that $3.00 into my bra and vowed to do better. We picked up some advice from the adorable Frisco’s waitresses. Neither of us fell, but Lindsay managed to spill water all over herself and on a paying customer so I’d say she wins.

At the end of the day my butt killed, my brain was still rolling, and when I threw my tired clothes across the room in exchange for yoga pants and a tank top my $3.00 went flying and reminded me why it is I do what I do.

And that’s because…I really am losing it.

Next week Lindsay films in Nashville with Scary Mommy. Pat was all, “Is Scary Mommy from Nashville too?” and I was all, “No…she’s from Baltimore….don’t quote me on that, she might actually be from Maryland.”

At which point he schooled me in a quick lesson of our 50 states and I was all, “Hey, I’m a roller skating waitress, not a scientist!”

I’m looking forward to watching the other bloggers dares, be sure to catch all the episodes. Of course I’ll be posting mine here as soon as it’s live…provided there are not any close up shots of my ass in that tutu.



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    Ok, this!!! Freaking awesome. How fun!!! I love Lindsay’s channel and all the dares she does.

    Can’t wait to see yours. :-)

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    Too funny! You are BRAVE!! I have roller skated since I was a kid and I’m sure if I tried, it would get very ugly very quickly ;)

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    I’m completely out of the loop. How do you keep up with everyone and what they do? I have never heard of this before and I LOVE it! This would be so much fun to do. I can’t wait to see your video!

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    So me telling you that I used to have a job as a roller skating waitress at a place called Dumar’s in Norfolk would impress you?? I also played one on stage with the gifted and talented group I was in in high school there.. I loved it such fun.

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    How fun!! You pulled off that mini shirt like a pro. I tried to skate after twenty years and realized I had lost my balance and I was no longer that skatateer I once was. Plus, I’ve lost my daring nature!

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    Oh…this is awesome!!! I can’t wait to see your episode!! I’m gonna have to jump on over and check the other dares out! ;0)