Winning At Life

The other day on Mommalogues I talked about who shaped me most as an individual and I pointed my finger at my brothers and sisters. While my mom and dad are brilliant and loving, it was my brothers and sisters who taught me how to survive. And also to laugh.

They are the only people in the world I know who one second might be yelling about how ugly and stupid I am for accidentally kicking the Nintendo while dashing in front of the TV and the next second find themselves standing up for me to someone calling me ugly and stupid.

While awaiting the arrival of my fifth niece this weekend with my oldest sister I was all, “my ultimate goal is to outlive all of you.” And she was all “What? Why in the world would you want to do that? Can you even imagine having to watch all of your siblings suffer and then be the last one living? Why would you want to do that!?!”

And I was all, “Because!! Then I win…at Life!”

And we both laughed because winning at life as the last sibling standing might be taking that competitive rivalry a little too far.

You might have beat me at soccer and baking and cleaning and high school’s most popular. You might win at H-O-R-S-E on the basketball court and you might hit the ball harder across the volleyball net. You might have beat me at Dr. Mario and maybe you’re a better driver. You win at gaining Mom’s trust, you win in a foot race, you win in a swimming match, you win the better grades…

But I will win…at LIFE!

So what if it’s a life lived as a giant loser, I’M STILL LIVING!

(video here)

And if you happen to be looking back at this blog post after I’ve died before one or all of you, just know that I’m pretty pissed about losing AGAIN. I am now committed to flipping your lights on and off until you join me in heaven because if I can’t beat you at anything than I can at least feel good about scaring the crap out of you for the rest of your life.


  1. says

    Oh, this kind of makes me sad reading this as my Daddy and I have talked about that I might outlive my siblings. They have horrible health issues (smoking) that have caused this possibility. Makes me sad.

    • says

      Oh see I really welcome the idea. What makes me more sad than outliving my siblings is the idea that one of them would have to be the last one standing. I’ll take that one for the team any day!

  2. Maria aka MsPhotoShooter says

    I’ve recently found your blog and I love it! As for who impacted me the most, I would have to say my Dad. My mother passed when I was a very little girl so he became both parents for me. We have one of the most honest and open relationships…. In fact, I can say he is my best friend. I look forward to reading more of your posts and watching your videos. I can already tell I adore your personality. Have a wonderful day, Maria

  3. says

    I completely intend on haunting friends and family when I die! Just little practical jokes here and there so they always miss me. :-)

  4. says

    That’s the sad part of not being close in age with your siblings. While we totally enjoy eachother now we didn’t have that closeness when we were younger.

    LOVE the idea of coming back to haunt them though haha too funny!

  5. says

    I have to agree. Before you, I was pretty much an empty shell! I think my friends impacted me the most as I grew up. I wasn’t close to my family like I am today, so my friends had the biggest impact growing up.

  6. says

    We play P-I-G. It’s more cutthroat and you always have time to finish before dinner.

    That’s lovely, you have those relationships. I am an only child.

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    I’ve never really thought about that, but you do have a good point. It wouldn’t bother me to out live my siblings because I’m an introvert and it suits me just fine :)

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    Love this post! Twisted…but I love twisted. This weekend the huz and I were looking at our baby’s gigantic hands. My response: Do you realize these hands will most likely grip our caskets?

  9. says

    This sounds like my brother’s and I. I tell them I’m going to outlive them because A) they are older and B) The suck at life. They threaten to haunt me. I explain I’ve watched Ghostbusters a bajillion times and I WILL CROSS STREAMS on my lightsabers to send them into the pits of Mordor. I think I got my movies mixed up.

    I heart you <3