Writer’s Workshop: Zombie Babies

5.) Tell us and/or show us something that made you smile this week.

Kainoa hopped into the electric shopping cart that sits in front of Target’s doors and I was all, “Get out of there!” with my 30 bags.

And he was all, “But MOM! What does this mean??” and he pointed at the picture that warns parents not to put their babies in the front basket of the scooter.

But Kainoa trying to understand it, “No Zombie baby in da basket?”

Say what?

But upon closer inspection of the drawing I could only affirm that this was exactly what the sign meant.

“Yes Kainoa, no zombie babies allowed.”


Now it’s your turn!

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The Prompts:

1.) A blessing in disguise…
2.) Holiday craft time! Share one you want to complete, have completed, or are in the process of completing!
3.) List 5 things that bring you comfort.
4.) Something you once wore.
5.) Tell us and/or show us something that made you smile this week.


  1. says

    Smart kid. And what on earth is that helmet on the Zombie Baby’s head? Maybe the Zombie Baby would need the helmet to protect his brains when he falls out of the cart his Zombie Mom isn’t supposed to put him in.

  2. says

    Phew. Good lookin’ out, Target. I can’t stand to get mauled by zombie babies while I’m trying to find a perfect-fit cardigan :) Thanks for sharing. Made me smile, too!

  3. says

    I feel like he should get some extra swag for that one. I always love it when my two year old puts a towel over his face and says, “I’m a zombie!!”