A Year In Review 2012

It’s a year in review time again! Today I will attempt to consolidate a year’s worth of blog posts and pictures and present to you the best of the best.


I taught women how to properly train a husband. You can’t thank me enough.

My favorite photo is this one from our front door during a big ice storm we had last year. I love that the kids get to experience the freedom of playing in the street when it snows like that and even more I love that I get to watch it all unfold from the comfort of a warm a house. Except on that day it was cold…because our power was out.


I shared a story about a vacuum salesman that still makes me seethe to this day.

My favorite photo from this month is one snapped of the girls getting ready for bed. Because these two together just make me smile.


This month Pat and I took the kids to Disneyland and I shared some of my best Disney tips for parents traveling with little ones.

I like this picture best taken one pretty spring evening while playing at a marina near the house I grew up in.


This month my son learned the F word and I’m happy to say a year later it’s no longer coming up.

My favorite photo this month is of all these little soccer cleats lined up on the bench. A pair of them belong to me and preferred to stay right there on the bench all season long. Two seasons in a row.


In May I wrote a post about how to spot a crazy person. These are the kinds of posts I write when I’ve had a run in with someone I can’t actually write about. I still get my venting out and nobody knows it was about them. I win.

For Mother’s Day we headed to the ocean and even though it was ridiculously windy and cold, my kids still managed to have fun and my gift was the awesome photos I took of them playing very far away from me.


This month I came up with the 21st reason why I love my husband. And to think it’s only taken me five years to fill this list!

My favorite photo was taken on a trip to Arizona where I got to shoot a series of videos for SheKnows about kid friendly meals for kids to take to school.


This month I wrote about how embarrassing it is to have an email address named after my blog. I thought I was a grown up.

My favorite photo was taken during our 4th of July celebrations. I think it pretty much symbolizes most of our gatherings…minus the fire.


This month I wrote about the last 10 pounds I’m ALWAYS wanting to lose without really working on it. Hard to believe it’s still a problem eh?

My favorite photo was this one of my quiet, sometimes anxious daughter practicing her swimming. I just love how at peace she looks here.


This month I shared a diagram of my childhood home and it brought back all kinds of awesome memories.

My favorite photo was taken at the fair. That’s all.


This month I showed you how to make a DIY Scarf thanks to Pinterest and clearly I rocked it!

My favorite photo was taken the day after Halloween when we went to the zoo to watch the animals eat pumpkins, but missed all the feedings. Whoops.


This month I invited you over to my house for coffee and described our future time together.

My favorite photo is this one taken at the Pet Expo because…puppies.


This month I wrote about the famous words of Sweet Brown, “ain’t nobody got time for that”. As I sit here wrapping up my “Year in Review” after spending more than two hours sifting through blog posts and pictures I can’t help but nod at Sweet Brown’s words. Ain’t nobody got time for that…indeed. Although it would appear I do have time for that because…I just did it.

My favorite photo is this one I took of Pat for a gift to my brother in law. Handsome devil.

Yay for 2012 and Giddy up 2013! May you be as quiet, non-obtrusive, and healthy as your predecessor!


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    Stop giving us all so much to read before we get back to work. You and your perfect photos and gorgeous kids and great posts.

    (And Happy new year!)

  2. says

    I tend to forget to do this myself. I guess I’ll need to take more pictures so I can recap my year a lot easier.

    Have a happy-have a happy- have a hap hap happy new year!

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    Thank you for always providing such funny posts. I always enjoy coming to your blog! This is a great summary of your year, and since I didn’t find you until a few months ago, I am glad to get caught up!

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    Awww. I think you need to adopt a puppy now. That was such an awesome photo. Spread the joy, and no, your sweet children did not ask me to do this!

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    Kat, you are an amazing photographer. Do you use a phone or a bonafide camera? Love the post about training your husband. Let me know how it goes. Happy New Year. xoxo

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    Oh I love the story about the vacuum salesman and the crazy person! Thank you for the inspiration :) Look forward to link up again on Thursday X

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    I can’t believe you didn’t mention BlogHer in August and how I “almost” met you. I did see you, a table away! Next time…next time I’m the crazy, scary lady who comes up and hugs you because since I read your blog I “must” actually know you! =) Really though, sounds like you’ve had a great year!

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    You have a very nicely set up blog.

    This is a direct quote from the 10 yo sitting next to me.

    You do. Just want you to know that you do.

    Happy New Year, lovely lady.