Four Hours Of Sleep

Mom was all, “I couldn’t sleep so I ended up watching TV and putzing until 2:30am…”

And I was all, “Mother! Sheeshta! Since when do you stay up until 2 in the morning!?! Are you absolutely exhausted today??”

And she was all, “Oh no, I’m fine! I’m not the kind of person who wakes up and counts how many hours of sleep I had  to determine whether or not I should feel tired. You’re either exhausted or you’re not, but I don’t understand the need to think “Oh I only had my 5 hours of sleep last night instead of the 7 I need….I’m sure going to be tired!”

And I was all, “What a fantastic point! I’m going to be like you now instead of counting  how much sleep I’m getting every night like I normally do!”

So last night when Maile started throwing up while I got ready for bed at 11pm I decided to stay up with her. After an hour of consoling my poor child I set up camp on the couch outside of her room. I detest sleeping anywhere other than my own bed, but I couldn’t just leave her so this seemed like the best alternative.

I listened to her ‘toss her cookies’ until 2am, continuously getting up to console, clean, and worry over her and when my alarm finally went off at 6am I got up with a pounding headache.

I willed myself not to think about how many hours are between 2am and 6am and how that lack of sleep probably caused it.

DON’T think about the HOURS! Just think about how you FEEL…

But I felt terrible. So I was all, It’s just another DAY…take some aspirin and carry ON.

So I took aspirin and curled myself up in the fetal position and waited, because I don’t operate in discomfort and I was all, You’d probably feel a whole lot more comfortable if you’d had more than FOUR HOURS OF sl…

And then I was all, NO! Don’t think about the hours! It’s not about the hours, it’s about how you FEEEEEL.

And then my poor sweet sick daughter got up from bed feeling just as sick as ever. I tucked her in to the other end of the couch with me and we both laid there, refusing to operate in discomfort and she was all, “Don’t you have to work Mom?”

And I was all “No baby, I only had four hours of sleep last night and I don’t give a damn what your grandmother says, I can’t function with less than seven!”


  1. says

    Oh, I’m a counter. Mostly because the slightest decrease in sleep time feels like a good excuse for not exercising the next day. I would run 10 miles, really I totally would, but I’m operating on 7.89 hours of sleep, so you know. Wishing you guys lots of lazy time today & hope your little one feels better!

  2. says

    My husband went through a stretch where he wanted to get up early to run, so he’d set the alarm for 4:30 am. Half the time he wouldn’t get to bed early enough, then the alarm would only wake ME up, and I poke him a few times, give up , then try to go back to sleep. It would take forever to fall back asleep, then the alarm would go off again at 6:30 am to get the big guy ready for school.

    In the end, I’d get about 5 hours of sleep and be totally annoyed the whole day.

  3. says

    I can SOOOOO RELATE!!! I always calculate the hours every single night! If it drops below 7, I’m screwed… And usually- it does. Much to my own demise. Pushing through a weary body SUCKS and is the fate of all mothers everywhere!!! Poor girl of yours! Hope she feels better soon!!! (And you don’t get it)

  4. Marie says

    I thought I was the only person who actually counted my hours of sleep. I obsess over it, and have for years! I’ll try your Mom’s way, but I’m pretty sure it won’t work. :)


  5. says

    I have been having trouble sleeping for the last three weeks and like you, I can’t “operate in discomfort” either so the last three weeks, I have not been operating well at all and guess what? I count the hours and I feel like crap. Not counting wouldn’t make me feel less that way.

  6. says

    Funny you should post this today of all days. Yes, I count my hours of sleep like a miser counting his gold. And when I don’t get at LEAST seven, I’m not right. And this morning? This morning, I was up WELL before 4:00 AM (and I didn’t even have a sick child to thank) and I can tell you this – today has been pure hell.

    Hope your girl is feeling better and that you (and me) both get a good nights sleep tonight. Otherwise, I have a feeling there will be hell to pay tomorrow.

  7. says

    Poor girls! You for the lack of sleep and Maile for the sickness. The flu is hitting everyone SO hard this year…it seems everyone I know is vomitous!

  8. says

    There used to be a time in my life when I could function on 2 hours of sleep and I considered it a grand night if I got 4 hours… Now I need at least 6.

    Hope everyone is feeling better now.