Guns In The Home…Or Maybe A Rottweiler?

My sister asked me to check on her puppies while her family went out of town one evening. She gave me the key to her house and was all, “just come by sometime tonight and make sure they have water and food”.

Oh and, “the lock on the door is really stubborn so you need to jiggle and shake it to open it…”

At 17 years old I was practically a professional house/pet/baby sitter so this little task was easy enough, but that didn’t stop me from completely forgetting to do it until 10pm. “Oh crap! I was supposed to check on my sister’s dogs tonight…you wanna come with me?” And with that my friend and I drove the three blocks to her house and I began the process of rattling and shaking her front door in order to get it unlocked.

It was pitch black dark so it took me some time to register the man standing at the end of the entryway with a GUN at my face. “Oh my God, GREG! It’s ME!! I’m checking on the dogs!” And with that the gun quickly went down and my brother in law disappeared, I’m assuming to put the gun away. My friend and I stayed for a moment to explain what we were doing there. Greg did not know we had been instructed to come over and I did not know that Greg had decided to stay home. He thought I was an intruder.

I will never know how close he was to pulling the trigger on that thing. To me, he looked a little rattled…although that could be the adrenaline rush from waking up to your door being opened by an intruder. He says he wasn’t close at all and I’m so relieved he was responsible enough with his weapon to not just impulsively shoot the first sign of intrusion, because instead of reading this post about guns in homes you’d be reading an entirely different post titled “I Can’t Post Now Because I’m DEAD”.

So when one of my Mommalogues questions this week asked how I felt about guns in the home, I had a very clear, somewhat playful answer prepared for them:

(video here)

What do you think? Wouldn’t you rather have a really adorably-vicious looking Rottweiler than wield a firearm?


  1. Jodi T. says

    I don’t like the idea of guns in the house either. We don’t have a security system, but we DO have a Rottweiler. And let me tell you. I ain’t SKEERED to be by myself at night, or any time. I don’t get freaked out thinking “someone might be in my house” when I get home, because, Rowdi would act weird, or be chewing on a limb (just kidding;).

  2. says

    How scary. I hate guns. My husband had a shot gun that was a gift from his grandfather and I hid it so well, we never found it. We had to move from the house without it. Burglars to say that a dog will keep them away from a house because the least thing they want is to be noticed. So glad you are okay.

  3. says

    Actually the police told me, after our home was broken into the second time, that dogs aren’t a great deterrent. She said that some dogs are but most don’t keep a burglar away. We have a black lab and she was in the house both times. Lots of people think that if you have a dog you’re good but …

    Security systems aren’t a deterrent either. The first time we didn’t have a system – the second time we did. The burglars know how much time they have before anything happens. It’s really annoying – I thought the alarm would do the trick.

    So yes, we have a gun. I don’t like it but between the dog, the alarm and the gun, I feel like we have a chance if we happen to be home.

  4. says

    I am really sorry that happened to you. I think that would have been terrifying for both you and your brother-in-law.

  5. says

    We have guns. The majority of them are for hunting are target shooting. They are stored unloaded in a cabinet and the ammunition is locked away where the kids can’t get to it. We also have a few handguns. David has a concealed handgun carry license, and he actually carries the gun at all times during his waking hours. At night it is stored in a bed side safe with a combination that he can press with is fingertips.

    Whether you like guns or not or have them in your home or not it is VERY, VERY, VERY important to teach her children gun safety rules. One in three homes have guns. If you don’t have them, I can pretty much promise that the parents of one of their friends do. You can’t trust that their parents will follow proper gun safety protocols. You need to teach her kids about them so they not only know what to do if they ever see one, but also to alleviate some of the curiosity surrounding them. I wrote a whole post about this last year. Gun safety is super important to me. Both of my children (7 and 4) have been to the gun range to shoot and to see what kind of damage a real life gun can do.

  6. says

    A 13-year-old in our district brought a loaded handgun to school the other day. Administrators found it in her locker before she had a chance to take care of business. It’s a pretty scary world out there!

  7. says

    Like you, I am not a fan of guns. Blood all over your house – YUCK! (Too funny!) And yes, “I Can’t Post Now Because I’m DEAD” should be going viral any second now!

  8. says

    I really hate guns, and stories like this one are exactly why! I’m sure it was terrifying for both of you, and I’m glad he didn’t shoot first and ask questions later!

  9. says

    I grew up with parents who were police officers. I’ve been around guns my entire life. I also grew up knowing that my parents guns were NOT locked in a safe. I knew where they were and they were REVOLVERS which don’t have a safety. The key factor in that was EDUCATION.

    I am a mother of three boys. They ALL play with guns, have played with guns, two OWN their own guns, they have play “shot” with guns…

    But, they’ve also watched Star Wars where light sabers have done more damage than a .22 would…. and they play video games where you shoot aliens… so just because they don’t experience them in reality — there are PLENTY of places where they encounter “fantasy” guns as well.

    My boys, however, have been taught how to properly handle, clean and shoot guns. With gun ownership comes responsibility…. if you choose to own one, you bear that burden.

    My gun is locked away, but you can bet your ass if someone comes into my home, I will have it in my hand within seven seconds….even being locked away. Not an issue and we’ve even timed it.

    I would much rather clean up blood from some ass hat that chose MY home (which also has a Rotweiller in it) to break into than be a victim. EVER.

    I have a friend that had boys and they weren’t even allowed to have water guns and…frankly, I just find that kind of hover parenting ridiculous. There is some truth to the whole “boys will be boys”… because simply, guns don’t kill people… people kill people.