Merry Almost Christmas!

My kids can officially out draw me…not that this is any incredible talent they’ve been gifted with, I’m mostly just interested in ranking my own skills. It would appear my artistic ability stopped progressing at the age of six (probably some kind of traumatic drawing experience? blacked out the memory?), while both my daughters (7 and 9 now) have managed to continue progressing at a normal child level.

Okay that’s a lie, it’s clear they’re prodigies.

I might consider hiring them to update this section of my site from now on, “Hey Maile, here’s a dollar…can you draw me a picture of a Kainoa crying with candy dripping out of his mouth??”

Today I’ll let their wintery holiday pictures wish you a Merry Almost Christmas.

And now that I’ve actually done something with those drawings I can go throw them away. See how that works right there?


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    Man, those are good. Clearly, your children are destined for greatness.

    I’m totally thinking about making my 11 y.o. write my blog. It would make my life so much easier.

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    I REALLY like Laina’s and um, is this creepy/weird (doesn’t matter, gonna say it anyway) I want to print and color Maile’s. (Yes, I mean IIIII want to color it. With MY crayons. That I’ve hidden from the Crayola breaking heathens.)

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    Your kids art is fabulous! When I was that age, my parents professionally framed a couple of my drawings/paintings. In turn, I did the same for my 2 kids. Now that they are not little anymore (14,21) these pieces are happy reminders of their childhood.

    Just a suggestion. Happy holidays to you.

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    Just make sure you hide the papers deep down in the trash, because I’m sure you too have had the “MOM!!! YOU THREW MY ART OUT!!!” moment. Awesome pictures! Seriously good. :)

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    Wow. I’m kind of amazed at the talent here. And this is a pretty nifty way to preserve it and still get to toss it. That is so hard to do! But eventually you end up drowning in papers so we have to at some point!

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    Maile’s kinda killing me: I love the black background in the first and the tree and mittens hanging from the stick arms in the last. And the jaunty scarf. And the slash of a shadow. Wow, she’s got a confident hand. Laina’s would look great as a poster. Love the bold colors.